It feels like a flashback, writing the heading.  Once again, Woutertjie has fever.  It started last night with a 38.5 degree temperature.  He was just tired and listless and I gave him Panado and he went to bed.  Today he still has fever.  He says yes to any body part that I mention as possibly painful.  Thus he has pain in his foot, his throat, his knee, his tongue and his ears.  And apparently his ribs.  But I don’t know if it is really sore or if  it is just generic body ache.

I know that it is probably nothing.  Cristina gave him a good look on Friday and nothing worried her.  So most probably it is a cold or flu or just some other virus that causes fever.  But try telling that to an oncology parent.

I have such a headache.  And I know it is because of stress.  If it was Carien I would Panado her and cuddle her and wait it out.  But it is Boeta….  I am “feeling” the hospital around me.  Once again I stuffed all the bad feeling into a closet and now it is out to haunt me.  What fun.

The strangest thing is that I know that fevers happen.  And I don’t consider the possibility (not for a second) that this could be anything other than normal disease.  But my adrenal gland doesn’t care.  I am so high on adrenaline it isn’t funny.  I am going to take a deep breath and try to deal with it.  If the fever continues tomorrow we will be of to the doctor.  Not because Boeta is feeling particularly ill.  Just because his mother is a worrying oncomom.


8 Responses

  1. hope the fever disappears overnight.

  2. Hope he is better this morning. ((Hugs))

  3. thinking of you Suzanne, hope he is feeling better soon.

  4. Ai, verstaan volkome hoe jy voel. Sterkte.
    Sal vir jou bid vir krag, vir rustigheid en gesonde kinders!

  5. Boeta is gesond, Amen

  6. We all worry when our wee ones get fever. Thats what mum’s do!

  7. Suzanne, ek stuur vir jou ‘n laaaang, warm drukkie.

    Weet jy, met my pa se dood het ek gevind dit help om doelbewus aan iets positiefs oor hom te dink, en dan ‘n smile op my bakkies te plak. Bloot die fisiese handeling van glimlag het gehelp.

    Maar, dis ‘n lang pad vir jou en jou ma. My ma huil nou nog oor my pa – 5 jaar later. En vir my het dit meer as ‘n jaar gevat voor dit begin beter word het, en nog ‘n jaar daarna om regtig weer heel te word.

    Onthou maar net hoe mens ‘n olifant opeet: happie vir happie.

  8. This post touched me… dealing with run of the mill fevers must be nerve-wrecking! Lots of love! xx

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