We may just get to go home tomorrow (God willing)

Another good day.  OK, he hasn’t received his sub-cut injection yet and it will be an issue but it isn’t right now.  See, I’m taking it moment by moment.  Aren’t you proud of me?

Dr De Villiers (the paediatrician) was here a minute ago.  He is very happy with Woutertjie’s lack of fever for the last 2 days and if it stays like that during the night we can go home!  I never realised how much I love being at home with my whole brood.

Boeta’s white cell count is 3.1 as of this morning.  That means that it just about doubled over the last 36 hours.  Fabulous!  As a result his IV antibiotics came off for the first time since he was admitted last Thursday (9 days ago).  He was quite jittery about it coming off.  It took about an hour of explaining and calming him down and even then he barely lay still for it.  Fortunately because he has the Broviac line it is only a matter of unscrewing the connections and not removing and later redoing “needlework”.

He is finally succumbing to cabin fever.  The whole day he hears the other children (mostly day-admissions) in the ward and he wants to be there.  But he has to stay in his room.  Fortunately at night there are usually only one or two other children so it isn’t as tempting.

Unfortunately for Boeta going home will not mean seeing other children (except for Carien obviously!).  Dr De Villiers was adamant that outsiders should be avoided.  Boeta’s white count is still very low compared to “normal” people and he needs to be healthy for chemo on Tuesday.  So if you planned on visiting – don’t!  We will lovingly wave to you from behind our fence but that is as far as you will be allowed.  Because we are on a mission.  Mission Possible!

I don’t know if I’ll have time to update over the weekend but we will be back in hospital on Tuesday and then I’ll update.  Have a good weekend!