Squeaky toys

Why, oh why, are the best toys that ones that make the most noise?  And not just the most, but also the most irritating.

Years ago I bought “wagons” for the children.  It is a plastic basin on wheels, with a pull string on one side and they love it.  But after years of abuse the wagons have started squeaking.  And since Woutertjie is much more in love with his wagon than Carien is with hers, his is squeaking more.  Unfortunately, this is coinciding with a dramatic upswing in his love for and devotion to his wagon.

This child literally doesn’t walk if he could rather sit in the wagon and hitch himself along. He ate supper tonight sitting in his wagon.  All the while jiggling it this way and that, making it squeak and squeak and squeak.

He is loving every moment and I am ready to use the wagon as a litter box for the cat.  Who would probably make even more noise with it, come to think about it.

But look at that face.

I am such a sucker.

The wagon is safe.

For now…





One Response

  1. And so they all have their favorites. Though I have to wonder if a skateboard will not push that wagon into second place

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