Yes, it is fever time again.  This morning when Boeta opened his eyes he was nauseous and feverish.  Only 38 degrees, but that meant that chemo was delayed pending the results of a full blood count.  Amazingly his FBC looked very good.  His white cell count is 4.8 today – the highest since the start of chemo and just about normal.  His CRP is <5 (higher numbers indicate infection) so that is also good.  Chemo is going ahead but he is being monitored even closer than usual.  Please pray that he can finish this course of chemo and that the side-effects will not bother him.  He is very quiet today.  He is refusing all food and drink but that doesn’t keep us from trying.  Fortunately he is in hospital so if it becomes a problem they can put up a glucose drip.  At the moment he is only receiving saline, not glucose.

Wouter is off to work today again.  He is tired beyond belief but being the person he is he can’t sit back and rest when there is work to be done.  Please pray for him, specifically health-wise.  We can’t afford him getting sick at this stage.


Pointed answers to random questions

Q: What is “krokkenoster”?

A: Just a word.  It is a combination of krokkedil (crocodile) and renoster (rhino) and a word our family has always used for “nice”, harmless bugs and things and whatever.  When Boeta was diagnosed I had to tell him what was going on in terms that he would sort of understand but not upset him too badly.  So I told him that a naughty krokkenoster was inside his tummy and that it was making him feel sick.  He seemed OK with it and off we went.

Q: Why is the blog in English when we are Afrikaans?

A: Even though we are from Afrikaans families Wouter and I have many English speaking and non-South African friends.  So when the time came to update all and sundry on Woutertjie’s progress it made sense to do it in English so that everyone could follow.  So when I make gross grammatical or spelling errors just ignore it!

Q: What does Boeta’s chemo schedule look like?

A: It is very complicated.  He started off with a 4-week block of weekly treatments with a total of 5 drugs.  The last of the 4 will be from tomorrow.  Then he has 2 weeks off before this 4-week block repeats.  After that he is re-assessed to see what the effects of the chemo on the tumours were.

From then the schedule changes completely, with yet another drug being introduced during a 5-week block as well as possible radiation depending on the results from the re-assessment.

Q: When does he have to be in hospital again?

A: When it is time.  We stopped relying on planned dates when I took Boeta for a 5 minute check-up last Thursday and he stayed in isolation in hospital for 10 days.  So according to the schedule he may be at home for days but in reality things may turn out very different.

Q: How do we manage to stay so strong?

A: We aren’t strong.  We are being carried by God and through your prayers.  I don’t think anyone is ever strong enough to deal with something like this but we don’t have a choice.  We have a responsibility to our children to “make normal” and so we do.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t fall apart every now and again, that we don’t look at each other and rather not say a word or that we don’t look at Boeta with fear in our hearts.  Often Wouter or I have bad days and then the other one needs to be strong so that we can make it through the day and face the next one.  Often we prefer to not look at each other or speak to each other because we are both too fragile.  We need you to constantly pray for us.  For Woutertjie to heal, for Wouter and I to be strong and for Carien to feel loved in the middle of this chaos.  We pray and believe that God will see us through this time and grant our son a long and healthy life.

Please keep on praying.