I am begging you

Tomorrow I am hitting the streets.  The street corners to be more exact.

We have a huge problem – Woutertjie’s appetite doesn’t fit in our house anymore.  For supper tonight he had a full-sized pork chop (Wouter and I had one each and it was enough – they were that big), a mielie (corn-on-the-cob) and cherry tomatoes.  This child is ruining my grocery budget!  I bought enough stuff for the coming week today and by this evening he managed to chomp his way single hand jaw-edly through half of it.  I am considering putting something inedible on his plate to see if he will try to eat around it or if he will decide to count it as extra roughage and just have a go at it anyway.

This time last year he had to get TPN (total parentaral nutrition – IV feeding) for the first time because he lost so much weight.  I posted pics under the title “Mixed Emotions” back then.  (I’m not strong enough tonight to go and find & tag the post and look at those photos.)  This time last month we struggled to get him to eat.  Now the biggest challenge is to flick his plate down in front of him with a delicate wrist motion so that he doesn’t accidently bite our fingers off.  😉

“Life is good”, she sighed and bit into the last Rolo that she rescued from the folds of the couch.  The Rolo couldn’t believe its bad luck.  After succesfully hiding from the pint-sized one, the big one didn’t even bother to wipe the fluff off its half-melted surface.  Now it had to go to meet its maker (Cadbury’s) looking ugly.  How unfair.


For the less-sighted readers, here is a close-up of my masterpiece.


6 Responses

  1. We also find that suddenly Bianca’s appetite is way way way better (at least our days of her begging for wild boar because of steroids are over :-)). She’s even willingly asking for broccoli, but I’m not complaining ;-).

    I’m so very very happy for you that Woutertjie is eating so well!

  2. Excellent news!

  3. You are so funny! Such great news that his appetite is back with a vengeance.

  4. On which streetcorner will you be standing, we can always organize a delivery 😀

  5. Sal ek reel met Pick ‘n Pay vir ‘n wavrag viennas? Lol, ek is bly sy aptyt is terug, en dat jou sin vir humor nog altyd met ons is.

  6. Hope you get truck loads of MSG loaded products….then you can share with me.

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