To everyone worried about my going to jail

Following my previous post I’ve received numerous queries. 

The most asked question:  Is Wouter still alive?

A:  He is.  And he is enjoying his notoriety way too much to my liking.


Q:  Do you realise you will go to jail if you murder your husband?

A:  See, that is the beauty of it.  He is obviously suicidal, judging by the way he courts disaster.  So it wouldn’t be murder, it would be assisted suicide.  Much lighter on the sentencing side.


Q:  Are you guys OK?  Don’t you need to see a councelor or something?

A:  Are you kidding me?  Of course we are fine.  He made tea afterwards after all.  I can forgive a lot of things if you give me tea.   And I packed biltong and nuts and other lekker stuff for him for work the next day.  So he is happy, I am happy and anyway, he may be a pain in the butt but he is my pain in the butt. And I am his.  We are so well suited!  😀


5 Responses

  1. I think you might be able to argue that it is self inflicted. Then this way the responsibility falls completely on him. Or perhaps you could claim insanity because his IT antics are driving you insane :-).

  2. lea, ek is bevrees dat iemand wat sulke jakkalsdraaie kan gooi soos Wouter se wederhelfte, beslis nie gaan wegkom met “insanity” nie….

  3. Ja, dis daai tee – so met ‘n koekie of so.

  4. Die *&^%%$ weet hoe om ons sag te maak! Kan nie met hulle lewe nie en tog ook nie sonder hulle nie……


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