Quick one

We are well.  The kids are well.  Everything is well.

The only major development in recent days is that Woutertjie has changed his Wii character.  When we got the Wii console a year ago as a way to get him more active and to start rebuilding his muscle tone, his character (you have to “draw” a character that represents you) was skinny and bald.  Now he added some hair.  By himself.  Unaided and unprodded. 

It is a bittersweet moment.


What a busy two weeks we had

I kept on thinking that I HAD to update and just never got round to it.  The kids are settling in at school nicely – they are both tanned and happy.  The pre-school they are attending has a strong focus on outdoorsy stuff, so they get home at 12:30 exhausted.  Carien is more evenly browned but Boeta has a real boere-tan:  everything that is covered by a t-shirt and shorts is pasty white and everything else is brown.  His upper arms show his European genetics and his African upbringing within 2cm of each other.  I love it.  For a long time he never saw the sun and I love seeing him (them!) this way.

Another huge school related event was the no-moms-allowed camp they had.  The dads and children put up tents on the school grounds and spent the Saturday night there.  We had to cheat a leeeeeetle bit – after me asking him 17 times and Wouter reassuring me 17 times, my dear husband didn’t pack warm clothes for the children.  So I had to make an emergency trip to deliver supplies.  It didn’t dampen their spirits in the least! 

Purely family related, my sister Liezel’s second son was born on the 3rd of February.  Heinrich is absolutely gorgeous and as such fits in well with the rest of the family.  And exactly a week later Hannes, Wouter’s brother’s middle son turned 4.  He is in the same class as Carien and they have become Siamese over the last 3 weeks.

I downloaded pictures from my cellphone last night and realised with some shock that the last time I did that (and the last time I posted pictures here) was in November when I crashed the Vito.

So be prepared, the next post will probably be mostly photos.

See you soon!  I hope. 🙂