Ode to earplugs

Oh, what I would do for a set of earplugs right now.

Boeta has a bottle with cooldrink. He puts it down. Carien puts her own cooldrink down and grabs Boeta’s discarded bottle. Boeta develops an uncontrollable need for the cooldrink he didn’t want 2 seconds ago.

Boeta grabs his cooldrink from Carien. Carien screams at him. Boeta retaliates by screaming back at her.

The mutual threat assessments escalate to amber.

Carien oversteps all diplomatic boundaries – she grabs Boeta’s bottle from his hands.

Embassies are put on alert.

The United Nations attempt to negotiate a truce by means of parental interference.

Both warring factions declare the UN unconstitutional.

Boeta goes for a multi-pronged attack, screaming while he grabs both bottles of cooldrink.

Threat assessment escalates to red.

Diplomatic relations are suspended.

The UN attempts further intervention, threatening sanctions in the form of corporal punishment.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, therefore the factions negotiate a truce and declare war on parental interference.

The UN takes a firm stance, summarising the terms of cease-fire in a tersely worded statement, “Because I said so”. Observers are amazed at the bluntness of the usually verbose institution.

The warring factions stage a re-unification and declare a day of mourning to mark the swift and decisive action of the UN.

Oh what I would do for a set of earplugs right now.

A matching set of crying toddlers, anyone? Going?  Going?


5 Responses

  1. ROTFLMAO!!! ai dit klink soooooo bekend. moet ek die snesie los (fb) en earplugs bring?

  2. Ha-ha-ha, sound like it goes in our house sometimes. And just last week had a similar situation, but add steroids in the mix and replace the drink with a skirt (for a 2 year old) that both wanted at the same time and you get the idea 🙂

  3. Ah. The joys of small people!

  4. Jy het my gisteraand uit my maag uit laat lag! Baie dankie! Jou fyn humorsin is voorwaar ‘n krag wat hierdie tyd in julle lewe somtyds ‘n bietjie perspektief gee. Vanoggend in die kerk weer vir jul gesin gebid.

  5. O my genade Suzanne, ek lag nou so dat die trane loop!!!!!!

    Sterkte vir die week vrou!




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