The miracle of the day

We’ve been so blessed throughout this journey.  On this page we want to share the miracles that happen to us every day.  If I get round to updating it daily it will be a miracle in itself but here’s to trying!


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  1. Wouter en Suzanne
    My hart gaan so uit na julle en julle klein Boeta!! Kan julle asb vir my jule e-mail adres stuur?

  2. Hi julle twee

    Eerste keer dat ek julle blog lees…ai, ai, maar dit was nie lekker gewees nie. Al het ek julle al baie gesien tydens die padjie, is daar nogsteeds goedjies wat my hartseer maak..

    Ek is so trots op die manier hoe julle hierdie situasie aanpak – positief en met geloof! Ek is sooo trots op julle!!!!

    Hoop julle het ‘n lekker dag vandag.

    Ek is baie lief vir julle.


  3. Thinking of you guys today and the treatment Boeta will have.

    My prayers are with you and may they give you the strength you need at this time.

    Love Tracey (Keety)

  4. Hi daar
    Ons stuur baie liefde en groete. Mitchell wat saam met Wouter in die groepie by Riana is, bid elke aand vir sy maatjie. Stuur groete vir Wouter kabouter.

    n. Mitchell Allen

  5. Hallo Zanna
    Ek is so bly om te sien Boeta is by die huis. Groete en baie liefde onthou bel as enigeiets benodig word.

  6. Hi

    I have been following Declan’s story and indirectly been referred to this blog. I hereby wish you all the stregnth and best wishes going forward on the path to recovery. God bless. If there is anything i an assist with let me know.


  7. Ons seun was saam met Wouter by Riana en ons harte gaan uit na julle. Die feit dat jy so positief bly is sekerlik net met God se genade. Ons seun( Janco 4 of soos hy by Riana bekend is Boeta) bid elke aand vir Wouter. Julle is in ons gebede elke dag. Alle sterkte en voorspoed.

  8. Dear Suzanne and Wouter,

    I read your blog for the first time tonight. I am impressed with your fortitude and wonderful sense of humour, Suzanne! How wonderful for Wouterjie and Carien to have such a lovely Mommie!

    You will all be in my prayers tonight, that the blood counts will be right so the chemo can take place, and that the after effects are not too horriffic. I send hugs to Wouterjie as he faces yet another ordeal.

    May God hold you genyly in the palm of his hand.
    With love from Ruth

    PS I am so sorry Little Dec didn’t make it. I pray for his family too.

  9. Hi julle
    Het toevallig op julle site afgekom. Het nie onlangs self by julle uitgekom, maar dink baie aan julle en bid vir ou Woutertjie. Iwan stuur ook baie groete!
    Baie liefde

  10. Hi guys! My thoughts and prayers are constantly with you and your family! Our Lord and Saviour has carried him this far, and I trust that he will continue doing so! Trust in the Lord and all will be okay:-)

    Stay strong and God bless!

  11. Hi,

    Ons bly bid vir julle en weet dat julle hier ook sal deur kom.

    Sterkte met die sessies wat voor is.



  12. Hi daar, ek is ‘n vreemdeling maar self ook ‘n mamma. Sterkte met die moeilike pad en onthou altyd The will of God will not take you where the Grace of God cannot protect you.

    Jesus, hou asseblief hierdie kosbare seuntjie, sy dapper mamma, sy sterk pappa en dierbare sussie in U sterk Pappa arms vas, U het gesterf vir hierdie kind, hou U hand van beskerming om hom en sy gesin. In die naam van die Vader, Seun en Heilige Gees. Amen

    Ons bid vir julle en sal gereeld kom kyk hoe dit gaan op die blog.

    Liefde-groete in Jesus,


  13. Hi Julle

    Toe ek jou gister by die hospitaal gesien het, het ek geweet jy is ‘n mamma duisend so sterk en die positieweteit straal uit jou uit.

    Julle is in my gebede die pad wat julle stap is nie maklik nie. Ek glo die cheomoterapie gaan goed afloop hy is so ;n saggeaarde en lieflike seuntjie, ek weet Jesus vou hom toe in sy hande.


    Annelie Louw

  14. Hi daar
    Dankie vir jou blog en weet maar net dat julle in my gebede is – baie sterkte

  15. Hallo Suzaan

    Ek het jou op die parkeerterrein by Panorama ontmoet met Woutertjie in die rolstoel en ons wonderlike gemeenskaplike sekuriteits dame.

    Ek en my 2 seuntjies Johann en Erik is veilig tuis in Katima Mulilo. Ek het Wouterjie alias Krokkenoster alieas Boeta gaan opsoek en vir hulle van julle vertel. Julle is ‘n inspirasie vir ons hier buite wat nie besef wat dankbaarheid beteken nie. Wil net vir jou en jou gesin se ons bid vir julle – Glo en vertrou in Hom wat ons daagliks dra.

    Baie liefde
    Die Strausse – Katima Mulilo, Namibia

  16. Hi, I’m a 43 year old woman who lost my daughter 11 years ago when she was only 6 years old.
    Since then i have become a Platelet & Plasma donor I am also on the bone marrow donor list. I am B+ (6% of the population) and usally get called up to go an donate Platelets knowing that they are going to be used somewhere in NZ within a few days.
    I find the whole donating procedure horrible as it hurts and the tingling feeling around my lips when i’m given back my red blood cells can make me feel sick.
    But what is a few hours out of my life, and some discomfort when i can help such wonderful people. As a result my 26 year old daughter (B+) & sister (B+) are now both red blood doners.
    So chances are if you are B+ you could have received my platelets. God Bless, and thank you for letting me help in a small way.

  17. Baie sterkte aan julle almal. Almal hier in die Vrystaat en Gauteng bid elke dag vir julle. Groete aan oom Wouter en tannie Rina

  18. Hi Suzanne,

    Wouter has crept so much deeper into my heart! I pray for you each day that God keep you strong and keep Woutertjie safe in his precious arms. Glad to have met you and Wouter through Enrico!

  19. Suzanne, thank you for sharing your story in this way!

    Tonight as I read it with our own walk with Jade still so critical, I didn’t shed a tear (so far anyway) & yet on the inside I felt like crying, crying & crying! It’s now 1full year & a week, since we started this road with Red Cross Children’s hospital, and at the end of Aug. it will be a full year since Jade was diagnosed with a brain Tumour which then they hoped was non malignant as it had very tidy edges from what they could see on the MRI & C.T. scan, and even not, should be operable, and would give us more understanding once removed & sent for cistology!! At that stage the tumour was about the size of her ear, and more or less in the middle of the top left side of her head close to the surface / skull & was affecting her right side of her mouth, her right Arm causing spasms in both these areas which were controlled eventually by Carbomazapine (?spelling – it’s late & not going to check now!!) – once we got to the “right” dose during September (2011) as things have progressed although the spasms have remained under control there has also been weakness in her right arm & hand and in her right leg. At the same time as the Carbamazapine syrup, she was also initially put on steroids which caused her to blow up like a little Michelin man and sometimes monster as she became very moody & aggressive! However the neurosurgeon Dr V. wanted her off steroids before any operation, so this was fazed out in September & October thank goodness while waiting for a slot for her operation!
    There were a few delays, which obviously were quite stressful for us as her family, but on Dec 8th 2011, they operated and told us that they had got 95% of the tumour, which at the time sounded quite good to us. Jade was discharged from hospital a few days later which was a relief, but to our surprise without the sistology reports as originally indicated! But with hers being one of the last operations for the year as everything was winding down for Xmas, we hoped for the best.
    In January she started Chemo for the supposed last 5% and although some of the normal side effects occurred e.g. vomiting & hair loss (most of her luscious long locks had been cut off by Mommy Faith in December after a big patch was shaved off for the op. in hopes of it growing back evenly together, so she sported a hat for Xmas etc.) but overall thing went fairly well, although along the way it became clear that the tumour had indeed been malignant and that it was in fact a P.n.e.t. as they call it but also a very rare one! Then to our horror mid April the Chemo was stopped as it was “not working”! On Friday the 20th of April just after taking photos with Jade Mommy Faith & baby sister Taylor as she was turning one month old, – the phone call came! The tumour was back as big as before, and needed to be removed again asap so Jade was scheduled to be admitted the following Wednesday for operation Thursday the 26th of April! Mommy took her in on the Wednesday morning for all the preparations, and I kept baby sister Taylor for the day, and went off to Somerset West with my husband Malcolm to see my cousin Jennie & her new baby, while he went off to see a client. While there, my cousin Jennie who is also a Dr @ Helderburg Hospital diagnosed 5 week old Baby Taylor with Broncholitis! That evening we joined Faith at the Hospital with our two youngest daughters Lauren & Cherice, and after visiting time, Oupa Malcolm took them & Faith & baby Taylor home leaving me to stay with Jade for the night! Jade had been fighting off the same cold as baby sister Taylor, and by 10 o’clock that night she had developed a raging fever!! The wonderful nursing staff, were very supportive, but Jade screamed the houses down when they gave her a suppository in the hope of braking the fever! It didn’t!
    By 4:30 she was awake & crying as she had wet the bed and yet was still burning up! At this point I refused to allow them to torment her with another suppository which hadn’t worked the first time, & asked for good old Teddy bear medicine & Panado syrup! Government Hospitals don’t get “Teddy-bear Medicine in their budget even though it’s cheaper than suppositories!! Never the less they gave me the paracetamol syrup and within about 30mins the fever started to come down at last! I was still concerned as the anesthetist had already assessed her the previous evening before the fever had started & I knew that if they went ahead with her busy starting the same bug as Taylor just a few days behind that it could make the operation & recovery afterwards very risky! God was faithful and after a night of tears prayer & worry, it was followed by reassurance & peace! With the day just starting, we got the most amazing sunrise which I was able to photograph with my blackberry, and I received an E-mail devotional whose theme / prayer focus for that day just “happened” to be on preparing for an operation!!! – and I knew God was telling me He was in control, even as my husband woke up early but vomiting so hard he was too sick to drive Faith back to the hospital! Never the less an old friend “Gannie Nei” came to the rescue, and got Faith there just as they arrived to wheel Jade away! Out side the Theater the Head Anesthetist came out to see us as a result of all my talking to nurses etc re my concerns, she brought the Junior Neuro Surgeon Dr Malan with her and they consulted with the Prof. Dr V and all agreed that while urgent that the op was not so urgent to risk going ahead unwisely with the op and so it was postponed! Less than two weeks later Jade was admitted once again to hospital, on Monday the 7th for operation Tuesday the 8th of May. Again I stayed with her the night before, but Oupa Malcolm & Mommy Faith arrived without any mishap, and although this time It was a long wait before they took her in we were much more peaceful, and Oupa even recorded her praying “Gentle Jesus” for us and singing “Building Up the Temple” & “Fishers of men” with us on his fancy new cell phone! Afterward once she came out to ICU, they told us once again that they had got 95% of the tumour which this time didn’t inspire us with as much optimism as the previous Dec.! But over all she was doing well and as it turned out was moved within 24 hours back to D1 and released to go home that Friday! However they also explained to us while still in ICU that this was a very unusual Pnet & that it WOULD GROW BACK! and that she would need Radium treatment but that as she was still too young (Preferably Three atleast before starting treatment) that they were prepared to go back in and operate again if need be to get her old enough for the Radium, to which end she would be booked for an MRI in August again! However just +- 6 weeks later we started noticing weakness in Jade’s grip, and she also started vomiting which at first we thought was a bug which was around at the time and both myself Nana & Oupa Malcolm my husband had been nauseas with! we decide she should go back to Red Cross that Monday and although her other Granny took her away after Church that weekend, they brought her back on the Tuesday evening because of her vomiting which they thought was tonsillitis, so the next day on Wednesday the 4th of July, I dropped Faith & Jade @ Red cross to get her checked out. They did another C.T. scan and Faith phoned me to tell me “Mommy they say the tumour is back, – her brain is swelling” and this was the true cause of the vomiting! The next day Dr Rowtovsky told me he had felt physically sick when he saw the scan and how fast the tumour had grown back this time! Maybe the Chemo had actually been holding it back the previous time despite not achieving the desired outcome??!!? Anyway the Friday we were taken off by hospital transport (and that’s another story all of it’s own) to Grooteschuur Hospital to discuss Radium treatment asap! When we got there, after hours of waiting, it was explained to us that they were planning only “palliative” treatment! – a word I had never heard of before that day! Basically meaning just for pain relief & to make her comfortable ……… We were shocked and explained that had not been our understanding of the referral and that we were not ready to give up yet or start planning her funeral! Dr Engelbregt called in another consultant and after emphasising all the risks, they agreed that as Jade was not practically in a coma as they had expected her to be but had responded first to the nausea medication and then to the steroids and had stopped vomiting & even her protests at being examined by the 2nd doctor were seen by them as a good sign! (-she puts up a fight even to have her temperature taken since last year, -when in the diagnosis phase, they did three spinal taps trying to get a sufficient sample to test for other possible causes for the twitching / “fits” she came in with, and left her very bruised in the process) so they both felt that they could rather look at curative Radium after all but that this would need a lot more careful planning and involve radiating almost her whole left brain to keep a margin around the tumour! We were relieved, I felt that despite all the possible dangers described to us ( such as pos blindness, & cognitive damage) that some how I had faith to believe God could protect her and carry us through all! So the next step was another MRI 2 Red Cross for the next Monday to be done in conjunction with the Radium’s planning needs then back to the Radium Dept the following Tuesday for the special computer scan to plot exactly where the treatment should be aimed. this would take some preparation and the Specialist who would have to give the go-ahead would only be back the following Monday, but Dr Engelbregt said she would go ahead with the planning ready for Dr Parks’ approval & that we should come back Monday the 16th to see her 7 star the treatment! As Jade was stable and we were about to go into Pollsmoor prison for a Kairos weekend the hospital agreed Jade could come home the Wednesday and be at home with Mommy Faith and my other daughter Sandra (21) with Dominique & Chicco checking in on them while we were away, and Daddy Oupa Malcolm sleeping at home some of the nights! On Sunday morning Malcolm did not arrive early at the prison as expected and when I couldn’t get hold of him I called Faith to ask her to look out of her window and see if Malcolm’s car was still there! (As our house is two hoses in one & she was sleeping on the other side with Sandra) Malcolm had over slept which in the end was also providential as in talking to Faith I quickly realised things were not ok with Jade!! I got hold of Sandra and eventually got Malcolm up and in there & Jade to the car & off to Red Cross Hospital along with baby Taylor too! I drove there to meet them and took over baby Taylor while Faith went in with Jade and we waited for DR V the Neuro Surgeon to arrive! It seams the tumour was now pressing on the artery causing something like a stroke just not from a blood clot. Dr V explained that he would go in and drain some of the cyst which had now developed in the middle of the tumour ( which Dr Englebreght had shown me the previous Tuesday on the MRI) to relive some of the additional pressure on the brain this was causing and put in a stint / shunt to be able to do so again! Also that we needed to get Jade to a stable base-line before starting Radium treatment!
    This they did later that Sunday (15th) and afterwards she went again to ICU!

    On Monday although she hadn’t fully regained consciousness Dr R drained the cyst again and Jade not only responded to us but also attempted to talk to us! The next day Tuesday Faith and I met with Dr Parks & Dr Engelbregt of Radiology with Dr Hendricks of Oncology at which time Dr Parks said she would not have ok-ed the Radium treatment anyway even if Sunday had not happened.

    Later that day, the ICU team called all of us (as much of the family as possible) to the Hospital for a meeting with Prof Argent the head of ICU. It was agreed that they would take Jade off the ventilator, in one sense fairly confident that she would continue to breath on her own which she did but with a view to getting her out of ICU to D1 where it would be easier to hold her etc but also so as to avoid getting to a stage where if she was brain dead we would have to take the decision of switching off the machines once she was brain dead!! It was clear they didn’t expect her to live long.

    In D1 she showed some improvement but the Drs continued to focus on palliative care not curative, and eventually moved her to G1 the Oncology ward on the other side of the Hospital, where they “are more trained to cope with the emotions etc involved in these situations”.
    Again as we have continued to pray and wait on God trusting in Him either way, Jade has shown some improvement, ………e.g.: using & moving the “bad arm & bad leg relaxing her hand, sucking & even drinking from a cup or bottle, even though she is on a drip via her nose to her stomached. Also opening her eyes more than before and at times crying if she’s unhappy, uncomfortable, thirsty, or has wet the bed. and smacks her lips if she wants something to drink …….. which they can not explain but which they say is temporary!

    Last Monday 30th of July, 1 year since I first saw her mouth twitching & we were referred to Red Cross Hospital, Jade came home to our house, from the hospital’s point of view, probably to die, But we believe & trust from our point of view to live!!!
    The weekend before her release I feel God clearly spoke & showed me that he is going to do something & and that this time although sometimes His healing comes with loved ones being taken home to be with the Lord (as has been the case in my family four times in the last five years) that this time that is not part of His plan!!

    What is his plan I’m not sure, but we have faced the valley of the shadow of Jade’s death for 3 weeks, and after waiting and praying into Jason Pretorius’s song “if He said it then it’s done……… got to prepare my heart to receive it…….” I had been focusing on the if in a place of submission to Gods’ will trusting in Him and knowing that He will carry us through which ever way His will leads us, I feel He responded with “Yes” he has said it and that it is already done in “Kairos time” as He is outside of time and that we are just waiting to see it in “chronos” time, – but that I should start preparing my heart to receive it!! We look to guidance on how to proceed not sure if her healing will be out of the blue, or if he even wants to use her case to get other forms of treatment not currently available in the government hospitals made available in places like Red Cross for all those who need this treatment!!
    Lord lead us in your will!
    Aelwen Healey-Michael – “Nana”

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