What a beautiful day

All in all yesterday was a good day.  Factually, that is.  Emotionally not so much!

Yesterday we heard that:

1.  Boeta gained weight!  He was 19.1kg when he was diagnosed, dropped to 16.6kg last Thursday when he was admitted and yesterday he weighed 17kg.  He is eating OKish at the moment provided we give him what he feels like at that particular moment.  He can’t tell us what he feels like so we just guess, guess, guess!  Maybe he wants some wild boar (thanks for that, Lea!).

2.  He’s been feverish every single evening and the paediatrician worried that there may be infection in his Broviac.  So yesterday they did a chest xray and it is clear.  Thank God!  If there was infection they would’ve had to operate again to remove it and insert another one. 

3.  The cardiologist came by to do an ECHO (sonar) to check that the Broviac is OK.  It is.  Added to that she looked at the tumour in his heart and it hasn’t gotten bigger.  That is good news too.

4.  His white blood counts are up.  It should be between 5 and 15.  His was 0.5 when admitted last Thursday, it dropped to 0.4 on Saturday, increased to 0.7  on Monday and yesterday it leaped to 1.5!  He has been getting bone marrow boosting injections on his thighs.  Later today I probably will repost yesterday’s update since I have to assist with holding him for it.  They put local anaesthetic patches on but since those are plasters and it is then followed by the injection he goes mad.  Please pray for us.


Round number 3

Today is exactly four weeks from the start of this roller coaster and Boeta received his third round of chemo today.  Not bad going for deepest darkest Africa!  I am immensely grateful for the speed and efficiency of private healthcare and that we can afford medical aid to pay for it.  I am very much aware that Boeta probably wouldn’t have been diagnosed and treated in time in the state health system. 

Woutertjie is looking well and his full blood count improved.  His platelet count improved from 70 to 280 (normal is 140 – 420).  His white blood count was 0.5 on Friday, 0.4 on Sunday and is 0.7 today.  Normal is 5 – 15 so we still have a way to go but at least it seemed to stop dropping.  Yesterday he started receiving subcutaneous boosters to stimulate his bone marrow so let’s hope it does the job!

I’m leaving hospital early tonight – I should be home at 20:00!  Let no one ever tell me that working for a boss is hard work!  I used to spend 8 hours a day working, 3 hours getting to work and back and the rest with my family.  Now I spent 24 hours with my family, 12 of that in hospital and it is a lot more work and a lot more tiring than “proper” work.  At least at UCT one gets tea breaks!

I am now off to play with Carien.  She is a year and 5 months old and is such a little drama queen!  She recently started playing with dolls, stuffed toys and anything that she can potentially call “baba”.  All she really does is picking them all up and carrying them around, scattering as she goes.  She has the attention span of a drunken fly and loses interest as soon as she sees the next thing.  She is such a girly girl.  A sure way of getting her attention is to mention clothes or jewellery.  And handbags.  And telephones.  And shoes.  Everything no girly girl can be without.