A day in the life

Hallo again.  I find myself with the urge to update but I don’t know what  I want to write.  Surprise!  It has become the new theme of the blog.

We had a surprisingly exciting day.  After lunch at my mom’s house Wouter broke out in hives.  He was itching and rash-ing from head to toe.  And we have no idea why.  But it did make for a restless day for all of us.  He has a history of bad allergic reactions and he was on being-able-to-breath watch….  Yeah, so maybe I tend to over react when my husband is not in perfect health.  Sue me.

In my defense, yesterday didn’t do my concern level any favours either.  Wouter’s resting pulse was 120 bpm for a coupld of hours of the day.  Given, I may have started monitoring him while the rugby was on (my team kicked his team’s pink butts), but even when we were in bed it still didn’t drop below 100 bpm.  That, coupled with icy cold hands, had my nerves on edge.  Wouter was due to go for blood tests last year already, but since he is pathologically scared of needles he has been putting it off for … let’s see … 4 months.

Does it seem very health conscious to you?  Very responsible?  Because right now I am seriously considering doing the spouse-ly responsible thing and pinning him down to just do the honours myself.  How hard could it be to hold a full-grown man down and find a vein at the same time?  When you’ve never done it before?  Let’s see if I keep you posted.  😉