Separation of the sexes

If you told me 3 months ago that Wouter and I would willingly spend the night in two separate houses I wouldn’t have believed you.  And if you added that we would divide the children between us I would’ve worried about your sanity.

And yet, Carien and I spent last night at my parents’ house while W & w spent the night at our house. 

Carien wasn’t a happy camper last night.  She was feverish and just plain miserable.  But when this morning dawned that was all forgotten.  She woke me up by pulling my eyelids open and when I blinked into consciousness she gave me a big soppy lippy kiss.  It was a good way to wake up.

Dr Stefan was right – Carien’s tummy was very upset until this morning.  It seemed to get better by late morning and she was OK by afternoon.  So we were reintroduced to each other.  She is still not in peak condition and went to bed half an hour earlier than usual.  Very unusual for her.

Boeta is in top form.  He is very pale (I expect he is going to need a blood transfusion sooner rather than later) but insists on climbing on top of the coffee table to watch his DVDs.  So he seems fine.  Cristina told me to watch out for changes in his personality as an indication of something being off.  It is actually a very handy parameter.

The members of the church band that Wouter is involved in have given a voucher for a couples massage to us.  How divine!  They know Wouter very well and realised that he is sorely overdue for some relaxation.  And now I am included in the package.  I looove beauty treatments.  I don’t go often though.  So I am going to make the most of this!  Thank you Antionette and the gang!

PS:  Of course after writing about how well he is doing we now have the unnerving scenario that Boeta’s temperature has gone from 37.5 to 37.7 in the last 2 or 3 hours.  I spoke to the sister at the hospital and if it reaches 38 we will be off to the ward immediately.  So please start praying that we don’t have to go to hospital tonight!



Yes, it is fever time again.  This morning when Boeta opened his eyes he was nauseous and feverish.  Only 38 degrees, but that meant that chemo was delayed pending the results of a full blood count.  Amazingly his FBC looked very good.  His white cell count is 4.8 today – the highest since the start of chemo and just about normal.  His CRP is <5 (higher numbers indicate infection) so that is also good.  Chemo is going ahead but he is being monitored even closer than usual.  Please pray that he can finish this course of chemo and that the side-effects will not bother him.  He is very quiet today.  He is refusing all food and drink but that doesn’t keep us from trying.  Fortunately he is in hospital so if it becomes a problem they can put up a glucose drip.  At the moment he is only receiving saline, not glucose.

Wouter is off to work today again.  He is tired beyond belief but being the person he is he can’t sit back and rest when there is work to be done.  Please pray for him, specifically health-wise.  We can’t afford him getting sick at this stage.

We may just get to go home tomorrow (God willing)

Another good day.  OK, he hasn’t received his sub-cut injection yet and it will be an issue but it isn’t right now.  See, I’m taking it moment by moment.  Aren’t you proud of me?

Dr De Villiers (the paediatrician) was here a minute ago.  He is very happy with Woutertjie’s lack of fever for the last 2 days and if it stays like that during the night we can go home!  I never realised how much I love being at home with my whole brood.

Boeta’s white cell count is 3.1 as of this morning.  That means that it just about doubled over the last 36 hours.  Fabulous!  As a result his IV antibiotics came off for the first time since he was admitted last Thursday (9 days ago).  He was quite jittery about it coming off.  It took about an hour of explaining and calming him down and even then he barely lay still for it.  Fortunately because he has the Broviac line it is only a matter of unscrewing the connections and not removing and later redoing “needlework”.

He is finally succumbing to cabin fever.  The whole day he hears the other children (mostly day-admissions) in the ward and he wants to be there.  But he has to stay in his room.  Fortunately at night there are usually only one or two other children so it isn’t as tempting.

Unfortunately for Boeta going home will not mean seeing other children (except for Carien obviously!).  Dr De Villiers was adamant that outsiders should be avoided.  Boeta’s white count is still very low compared to “normal” people and he needs to be healthy for chemo on Tuesday.  So if you planned on visiting – don’t!  We will lovingly wave to you from behind our fence but that is as far as you will be allowed.  Because we are on a mission.  Mission Possible!

I don’t know if I’ll have time to update over the weekend but we will be back in hospital on Tuesday and then I’ll update.  Have a good weekend!

What a beautiful day

All in all yesterday was a good day.  Factually, that is.  Emotionally not so much!

Yesterday we heard that:

1.  Boeta gained weight!  He was 19.1kg when he was diagnosed, dropped to 16.6kg last Thursday when he was admitted and yesterday he weighed 17kg.  He is eating OKish at the moment provided we give him what he feels like at that particular moment.  He can’t tell us what he feels like so we just guess, guess, guess!  Maybe he wants some wild boar (thanks for that, Lea!).

2.  He’s been feverish every single evening and the paediatrician worried that there may be infection in his Broviac.  So yesterday they did a chest xray and it is clear.  Thank God!  If there was infection they would’ve had to operate again to remove it and insert another one. 

3.  The cardiologist came by to do an ECHO (sonar) to check that the Broviac is OK.  It is.  Added to that she looked at the tumour in his heart and it hasn’t gotten bigger.  That is good news too.

4.  His white blood counts are up.  It should be between 5 and 15.  His was 0.5 when admitted last Thursday, it dropped to 0.4 on Saturday, increased to 0.7  on Monday and yesterday it leaped to 1.5!  He has been getting bone marrow boosting injections on his thighs.  Later today I probably will repost yesterday’s update since I have to assist with holding him for it.  They put local anaesthetic patches on but since those are plasters and it is then followed by the injection he goes mad.  Please pray for us.