Sympathy post

If you are a longtime reader you will know by now that I’m not the best sufferer in the world.  I don’t do being sick.  I become the sorriest-for-myself creature you have ever seen.  But this week I don’t have to feel that sorry for myself – other people are doing it.  I managed to get the flu.  Baaaad flu.  And then the kids got it.  Baaaaad.

Our GP isn’t into needless prescriptions but she insisted on the kids taking Tamiflu (the swine flu medication) when I told her that their fever stayed at 40C and wouldn’t respond to medication.  So now, 36 hours (and 3 doses) later they are bouncing off the walls, still with occasional fevers but mostly OK.  Whereas I, who was not put on Tamiflu, am 5 days down the track and still feeling like death warmed over.  Actually like chicken leftovers warmed over, then left out in the sun.  I can honestly say that I don’t feel better today than yesterday.

Oh – for the record – we weren’t tested for swine flu (H1N1) but since the kids had such high fever with no signs of infection anywhere else, the GP ruled it wise to treat their flu as swine flu.  And since only swine flu responds to Tamiflu and they are a lot better already, I have no doubt that we have/had swine flu.  I couldn’t get Tamiflu since you have to start it within 48 hours of the start of symptoms and I only went to the doctor after that, when I had secondary infection already.  I am a mommy.  I don’t have time to get sick.  And now I have lots and lots of time being sick. 😉


***insert interesting heading here***

I know a lot of people go through life thinking that they have a story to write.  They say (whoever “they” are) that most people have at least one book to write or movie to make or story to tell.  The difference between me and most people is that those people have the vague outlines of the story ready and usually the title.  But when those people have to start writing their stories, it is usually the first  sentence that stops them.

Where to start?  At the start of the day?  The birth of the person telling the story?  The birth of the parents of the person telling the story?  The death of the story teller and then doing it in flashback style?  The decision is crucial.

For me the start is never the problem.  I jump right in, watch the beautiful splatter pattern it makes as I hit the mud pool of facts with both feet and then I start teasing the bits apart.  How well my style works is up for discussion.  But it is fun.

What really puts me off my stride is finding a heading.  And I have to find a suitable heading.  Wordpress allows me to post without a heading but that would be wrong.  And using a dumb heading would be … dumb.  And I can’t write an update first and then put in an heading later.  That wouldn’t be right either.  Don’t ask me why.  Just wouldn’t work.

If only you knew how many times I’ve stopped writing before I’ve started simply because I couldn’t think of a heading.

Jonathan’s operation went well.  They removed a tumour from his abdomen and will have the histology reports ready for another meeting with Frances next week.  This tumour was well defined and they managed to get it out completely without affecting any organs.  This is very very good.  There are conflicting info at the moment about whether his cancer is growing or dead.  Today’s biopsy coupled with last month’s scans will give the final picture and next week everything should be clear.

Please keep on praying that Frances stays strong, Jonathan stays pain free and recovers quickly.

Prayers needed for a special boy

Over the last few months we’ve become friends with Frances Strydom and her son Jonathan.  He is 3 and was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma towards the end of 2010.  They live near Durban but had to come to Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town for treatment as there was nothing available for him there.  So now they are here, her husband is there, they live with her parents, they know no one.  It isn’t the cushy situation we had, for example.

I met Frances through an online friend of mine.  In other words, Lorene (whom I’ve never actually met but have typed to a lot) typed to me about her friend whose child was diagnosed and who was coming to CT.  To this day I still haven’t met Lorene but Frances and Jonathan have become like family.  My mom has adopted Frances as her own (but then my mom doesn’t need any excuse to take in more “children” – if you stand still long enough she will treat you like a little lost chick and pull you under her wing).  She even chased all of us, including Frances, from the house the other day.  *shock*  I know.  That is real love.

Jonathan had 6 months of chemo and is going for extensive surgery today to remove whatever cancer they can.  Following the surgery he will stay sedated in high care or ICU for a couple of days.  If you know this child you will know that this is NOT him.  He is a little bundle of energy.  Seeing him all doped up will be tough.  Please say a prayer for Frances today.  She is taking a lot of strain.  Please pray for skill and wisdom for the doctors and nurses involved and please pray for Jonathan’s complete healing.

These were taken in February when Frances and Jonathan went with us to visit my sister and her family on the apple farm.  Jonathan has a thing about tractors so Berno had him “drive”.  Jonathan was too busy to smile.  Frances is the pretty one in black.  😉

Back to normal

I am forcing myself to write tonight.  Woutertjie is mostly healthy again so now I have nothing to say.  Well, nothing I think you might want to hear.

I feel like a bit of a failure though.  After sticking to the twice-a-day antibiotic schedule so strictly (as I usually do), I slipped up tonight.  Boeta went to bed without his medicine and I am not going to wake him up for it.  I am such a rebel.  Mufasa.