My baby is now in big school. How did that happen? And when did she become so independent and school-ready? Carien is 6 (August baby) but is more ready for this day than Boeta is (at 8 and going to Grade 3).

Carien was up at sparrow’s fart this morning, getting dressed and ready. She absolutely loved putting on her brand new school uniform. I wonder how long it will take her to realise that big school also means no princess dresses, sparkly jewelry, cutex or pink anything. It won’t go down well.

I crawled out of bed a bit slower – someone had to mark stationary and cover books until very late (or early, depending on your point of view). And I can tell you that it wasn’t Wouter…. In his defense, he did make me tea. And if you know me, you know that a cup of tea will take you a long way in my opinion.

Either way. Here are some pics of the day.

At my mom’s house on our way to school.  Boeta is firmly in Hand Gesture Stage.20140124-153515.jpg

One of the few pics where Boeta’s hands are “normal” or normalish at least!  This was in front of Carien’s new classroom, just before assembly.  (Carien 6yo, Grade 1 and Boeta 8yo, Grade 3)20140124-153529.jpg

Blurry, but there she is in the row of Grade 1s.  Please note her daintily folded hands!20140124-153546.jpg

In her new classroom.  And yes, she sits right and the back and she is very impressed with the view!20140124-153608.jpg

Woutertjie in his new classroom.  Doesn’t he have the most beautiful stationary container?  Self-made, I will let you know.20140124-153616.jpg

Well, now we wait and see what they have to say.  Today is my last day of leave, so I am picking them up after school.  And from tomorrow my mom is back on duty.  I really really want to be a SAHM and pick up my own children.   <—-  I never ever thought I would say that.  In my whole life.  Ever.  But it is true.


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  1. Oh we have the same age gap and grade gap (I just have one of the twins still in grade 0 too). Anyways, my second was just as confident (late September boy) – maybe its got to do with second borns.BTW we have the same decorated ice cream tubs for art supplies

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