I am sitting here, trying to decide why I don’t write

So now I decided to just write while I decide.

As you probably guessed, Boeta is back from his loan period.  He lasted until Tuesday before the distance between him and us became to much.  Until then he would barely speak to me on the phone.  I would call, ask to speak to him and he then hurriedly told me that he didn’t have time to talk – they had things to do – and they saw a kingfisher catching a fish in the water where the ducklings are and can I tell Oupa that he can swim in the water where the ducklings are? When I asked if he enjoyed it he replied “Ja ja ja ja ja ons is nog nie klaar nie” (Yes yes yes yes yes we aren’t done yet).  That answered the question.

Tuesday morning Oupa and Ouma realised that he was feeling lonely and when I told him that Oupa would be bringing him home later he replied “Ja ja ja ja ja sê vir Oupa watter pad moet hy ry” (Yes yes yes yes yes tell Oupa which road to take).  As if Oupa didn’t know.

Carien and I met Oupa in Somerset West and exactly 3 seconds after being reunited Carien and Boeta had their first fight.  Before we got home I was considering taking both of them back to the pick up point….

It has been a quiet 10 days since then.  That is, it has been the usual sort of chaos.  Miracle of miracles, all four of us are healthy at the moment.  There was a time this year where I doubted ever being able to say that again!  But aside from a bit of hayfever (spring is upon us in a big way) we are good.

What else? 


Trying to think.

Not having much luck.

I can tell you that Carien climbed onto the toilet seat a bit vigorously on Sunday and nearly tipped backwards into the bowl.  After being rescued by Daddy in Shining Armour she said her everying prayers in her usual sing-song way.  But this time it was

Dankie Jesus … ekke lekker speeeeellll, dankie Jesus … ons lekker kossies eeeeeet, dankie Jesus … ons mooi liedjies sing, dankie Jesus … ek nie in die toilet geval het nie …

There you have it.  “Thank you Jesus that I didn’t fall into the toilet” indeed.  Do you think the word “toilet” has ever featured in prayers before?  Ever?