The big day!

OK, it is now Thursday 25 March and I am only writing this update now.  Partly because Wouter is nagging me to since everyone is nagging him.  I am backdating this to make it easier to read in future.  The rest of the past week will follow soon.  I love the backdating function!

After 1 year, 2 months and 13 days Woutertjie finished his treatment today.  Before going to hospital we bought 15 helium balloons – one for each month of treatment.  I tied it to his wrist and he loved walking around with his opstyg ballonne (rising balloons).  Getting to hospital with 15 balloons competing for space in my tiny car was something else – remind me to never ever attempt this again!

With Monique, Sr Hendricks, Bousie and Daleen (taken yesterday – they were off today)

With Nonsipiwe and Wilhelmina – you can see the mutual love!

The anaesthetic team – Nicci and Elizna were with Enrico next door and came to say hallo.  My mom and Carien came for a visit and Carien never lets a photo opportunity pass her by!  I wish there was a way of telling you how much these two women mean to me.  They were the anchors that kept me going when Woutertjie was at his sickest and got daily anaesthetic for radiation.  I almost cracked up every day and they were cool and calm and most importantly, calming all the way.  Thank you.

The prettiest poppet in the world.  Ever.

Woutertjie has been alone in a 4 bed room the last week.  The ward has been really quiet and it is quite nice to have a big room and lots of space to ourselves.  Let no one say that private healthcare doesn’t have its perks!

The view.  Table Mountain in the background. 

Wouter insisted on taking this photo, calling it “The creatures in their natural habitat”.  Woutertjie is fascinated by DSTV (pay channels – we don’t have this at home) and has his earphones practically glued on.  I am computer-ing with tea by my side.  Wouter has a point…!

Earphones, Broviac and Doritos.  Yup, natural habitat indeed!

And don’t forget the remote.  Never forget the remote.  You may notice that the Broviac isn’t covered in this picture (the tube spirals from his chest).  This is what a healthy Broviac site looks like, ie nothing much.  Sharon was busy changing the dressing.

Sharon doing her thing, Woutertjie ignoring everyone and watching TV.

Sharon has been with us every step of this way.  Sharon and Debbie (who abandoned us to move to Kirkwood – do you really count your family above us???) were always around.  You are angels and there is no way for us to repay you for your love, kindness, empathy, patience and wonderfulness.  Ever.

Woutertjie in an earphone frame.

I think this is the only photo of the three of us since Woutertjie was diagnosed.  One or the other is always behind the camera.  I really wish Carien was still at hospital to join us!  I have to book a photo session before Woutertjie’s hair starts growing again (ie very soon!).  Is there a photographer reading the blog?  Are you going to donate a complimentary session?  Come on, just do it! 😀

Elsje, Melanie, Sharon and Issie.  And Woutertjie.  Obviously.

Woutertjie, his chariot and his chauffeur.  He is now the heaviest he has been in a very long time (17.5kg) and look at how skinny his legs are!

It was a good day for us.


11 Responses

  1. What a lovely, lovely post Suzanne!
    So very happy for you 🙂

  2. Julle lyk so happy!!! Is baie bly vir julle en mag Woutertjie vir altyd en altyd NED bly! Jul storie herhinner my aan iets wat my altyd sal bybly: My swangerskap met ons jongste was ‘n nagmerrie en meer as een dokter het ons geadviseur om te termineer want daar was te veel dinge wat daarop gedui het dat hy verskeie afwykings en hartprobleme ens, ens. sal he. Ons het gebid en gebid en deurgedruk. Die dag met sy geboorte was daar ‘n hele mediese span, amper heel verniet want hy het net ‘n effense longprobleem gehad en is twee weke later huis toe. Die narkotiseur se woorde is iets wat ek nooit sal vergeet nie “It is amazing what faith can do”. Julle storie is ook so. Alles van die beste vir julle vir ‘n mooi toekoms. Hoop ons gaan nog heelwat van jul lees.

  3. I am SO happy for you all that the treatment is finally over. Such a lovely family!

  4. Wat ‘n gelukkige pos! Julle het dit gemaak. Wonderlik! Doen asb daai fotos .

  5. Jy het sopas my dag gemaak. Ek is so bly jy het weer geskryf, en nog blyer jy het fotos geplaas. Pragtig almal van hulle.

    Mooi naweek vir julle

  6. Soli deo gloria!

  7. So so very happy for you all :)!!!
    It’s such awesome news!

  8. Julle het 2 pragtige kinders! Saam met julle baie dankbaar dat Woutertjie se behandeling verby is. Jy het ‘n ongelooflike talent – moet nooit ophou skryf nie, Suzanne! Julle bly in ons gebede, ook die ander kankerpasientjies. Groot soen vir daai dapper seuntjie!

  9. You have such a wonderful family, and this is a happy post – a celebration
    But it still left me with a huge lump in my throat.
    Because it really demonstrates how our lives take paths that we never expected…. and how many friends we make along the way… and the bittersweetness of all that.

    The balloons are beautiful. The children even more so.
    And it’s wonderful to see you and W smiling too

  10. […] the family, and I was so very very happy for them all when I read the post the other day about his last chemo treatment.  It’s been a long 15 […]

  11. Hi Suzanne

    Ek het van jou blog gehoor deur een van my kliente, Tania Visagie. Ek is ‘n fotograaf en ek het jou blog gelees soos jy gehoop het ‘n fotograaf sou! Ek wil graag vir julle familie ‘n gratis foto sessie, uit my hart, gee! Gaan kyk gerus na my website by Skakel my by 084 555 0175 wanneer julle reg is vir julle sessie dan book ons ‘n datum en ‘n tyd! Ek hoop om julle gou te ontmoet!x

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