Oh happiness

Yesterday Boeta stopped vomiting.  He is still not really eating (except for Marmite toast) but he is doing fine.  So just to make sure that we didn’t think it was all over, Carien started vomiting yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday morning Carien told me that there were ants in her tummy.  I figured she was being her old drama queen hypochondriac self and patronised her a bit and forgot about it.  When she didn’t eat at lunch I assumed that she just wasn’t hungry.  It happens.  But then by late afternoon I realised that the “ants” are that rumbly feeling that you get when your stomach is critically upset….

Boeta is so much better at this.  From Friday until yesterday I didn’t have to change his clothes or bedding or anything.  It was just a matter of flushing the toilet or wiping the tile floor.  Since last night I had to change Boeta’s bed (where Carien sleeps with him) twice, our bed (where I ended up spending the night with both kids) twice and half the blankets in our house are currently drying.  Then there are the pillow cases, the couch cushion cases, etc.  This poor child spent her day trailing behind me through the house and laying her head on whatever was available when she came to a halt.  She is not feeling well at all.  And then when the urge to vomit overtakes her she just lies where she is and lets go.  And the more I tell her to aim for the floor, the less she tries.  She is so thirsty but whatever goes in, comes back out with interest.  I’ve tried giving her small sips of rooibos tea (black and bitter), water and Rehydrate (lemon and lime flavour – the only one mostly palatable) throughout the day but nothing stayed in.  She isn’t dehydrating though – I know how to check for that! 😀

Anyway, through all of this I am man-down with a cold.  So I am feeling sorry for myself, Carien is feeling sorry for herself and Boeta is bored out of his skull.

The joys of motherhood.  🙂


So the vomiting goes on

Boeta is still not better.  He plays like everything is fine but doesn’t want to eat (he does drink little bits) and what he does eat comes back.  Oh joy.  So far Carien seems OK.  I really hope it stays like that.

Mamma, daar is nog ‘n krokkenoster

For the last couple of days Boeta has been off food.  Not so that it caused alarm, he just seemed like an unusually picky eater.  So tonight when he suddenly jumped off the couch saying that he was going to “spoeg” (spit) it came as a surprise.  And the surprise intensified when he ran to the kitchen and vomited.  Oh my word.  Did that bring back memories. 

B:  (crying)  Ek het gespoeg!  Daar is nog ‘n krokkenoster in my maag!  (I spat!  There is another krokkenoster – cancer- in my tummy!)

Me:  Nee man, dit is net kieme.  (No, its only germs.)

B:  Dit is ‘n krokkenoster!  Hy byt vir my!  (It is a krokkenoster!  It bit me!)

Me:  (trying to sooth him)  OK, ek sal môre vir tannie Cristina bel.  (OK, tomorrow I will phone aunty Cristina – the oncologist.)

B:  Ja.  En dan sit hulle vir my ‘n pypie in en dan gee tannie Stina vir my sulke medisyne en dan is die krokkenoster dood.  (Yes.  And then they will put a little pipe in me and then aunty Stina will give me such medicine and then the krokkenoster will be dead.)

The faith of a child.

Even though I know that he probably has a type of gastro (as normal people get) I find it extremely upsetting.  The first (and only) sign of his cancer was him being nauseous.  Equally upsetting is the way that he takes vomiting in his stride – he isn’t upset about the vomiting, just about the krokkenoster that he now thinks returned.  And he aims for a “hard floor”, ie not carpet so that it cleans easily.

I hate secrets

Today someone very close to me (but NOT ME 😀 ) found out that she is pregnant.  I am so very excited but she wants to do another couple of home tests first to make absolutely sure.  No matter that I told her “two lines is positive – always” when she phoned about her first pregnancy.  So now their son is 2 and they have another little miracle on the way.

I hate secrets. 

No that is a lie.  I love secrets.  I just hate having to keep them secret.



Yo.  This day went past too quickly.  I was supposed to do so many things and I did one.  I went to gym.  But I didn’t fetch stuff from Sharon at the hospital, I didn’t get a letter from the bank confirming my account details for SARS (the revenue service), I didn’t get a document certified, I didn’t do so many things.  But I had a good cuddle with the kids while they napped. 

So in total not a wasted day. 🙂

See what happens?

When I make such an effort to post on a Wednesday, I don’t post anything else for the rest of the week.

I think I am going to let Wednesdays take care of themselves.  I have a lot of news.

First up:

I went to visit Lydia, my friend who was in the accident last week, in hospital on Wednesday.  She has since been moved out of ICU.  I am planning on visiting her tomorrow.  She is doing better.  She is still very fragile but with the number of broken bones she suffered one can’t expect anything else.


Woutertjie had his 1 month checkup on Friday.  Cristina is happy, therefore we are happy (remind me to tell you the story behind this one day).  

Boeta had a fabulous time talking to her.  The two of them had a lot to say to each other.  And Woutertjie, of course, said everything in English.  Not bad for a child who could barely say hallo in English when he met her. 

Woutertjie was Cristina’s first private oncology patient – look how far we’ve come.


Ethan had his final CT scan and he is just perfect.  This was a good day. 

Here are the two of them at Panorama’s entrance.


Sharon, our fabulous nurse who started working with Woutertjie when he was just diagnosed and has been with us through all of the ups and downs, received the Compassion Award.  Every year on Nurses’ Day each MediClinic hospital selects its Nurse of the Year.  This is the Compassion Award and the winner is chosen based on fellow nurses’ recommendations.  We are so happy that Sharon won this year.  She really is a gem and without her our road would’ve been so much longer and harder. 

From all of us, a big thank you to Sharon.  You are an angel.


Ethan, is getting scanned tomorrow.  He has finished his treatment for nephroblastoma (Wilm’s tumour – kidney cancer) and tomorrow, after a good couple of weeks to allow his blood counts to stabilise, he is going for his first CT since 9 July 2009 when he was diagnosed.

Say a prayer, people!