Turning over a new leaf

I am sitting at Annelize’s place of magic.  Annelize being our fabulous occupational therapist, who originally arrived to do death counseling.  Fortunately she didn’t introduce herself as “the person in charge of death counseling for children”.  That may have skewed my view of her a bit.  🙂

Her field of specialisation is oncology children.  Children with cancer or affected by cancer.  So when she told me (that first day) to start giving Boeta choices I figured I’d give her advice a chance.  Now it is 2 and a half years later and he still insists on getting choices.  And I am an expert at thinking up choices.  My “other” option isn’t something the most masochistic sadist would ever wish on his worst enemy.    There is only one real option, when I get to create the monkey puzzle.

On the flip side, when I give the kids a legitimate choice (“do you want to visit Ouma or do you want to visit your cousin”) where both are good choices, I can see them staring at me trying to figure out what the catch is.  Because obviously one of the choices is better, right?  Poor kids.  What did they do to deserve me?  LOL!

Back to Annelize.  I suspect she was as surprised as anyone when Boeta’s health took such a dramatic turn for the better when he went into remission.  But she was also the first person to tell me to be careful of the survivor’s guilt and the difficult times ahead when he had to continue with treatment after being in remission.  And then he stopped eating.  And became depressed.  And I ate more and more.  And became even more depressed.  And through it all Annelize was there.  Sometimes she would show up for a session with Boeta in hospital, spend 15 minutes with him and then 2 hours with me.  She has deeper vision, this one.  One of the Angels of Oncology.

Now that Boeta is firmly into the rehabilitation phase of his recovery she has started doing his OT.  “Proper” OT this time.  Strengthening the core muscles that he doesn’t have, improving his coordination that is lacking, those kind of things.  So once a week we drive from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town to the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town so that Woutertjie and Annelize can have  an hour of raucous, screaming, yelling, tumbling, playtime.  I am sitting outside the playroom but the sounds coming through the door is making me smile.  They are both having a wonderful time.

I’ve decided that the main reason that I don’t update the blog these days is that I don’t have dedicated time to sit down *with nothing else to do* anymore.  So from now on I will bring the laptop with every week and do an update at least once a week.  I have to.  There are heaps of things that I’ve forgotten already because I didn’t blog it and it is sad.  So I will try.


Happy birthday, dear Wouter

Yes, our big boy is 6 today.  Happy birthday!

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May the Lord make his face to shine upon you,

and be gracious to you.

May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you,

and give you peace