Day 3

Yes, it is now the 3rd day of fever.  Boeta’s fever is lower today though.  If it lasts until tomorrow we are off to Gerrit (paed) to find out where the fever comes from.  My cousin Lizbé is a nursing sister at Durbanville MediClinic.  She says that they are seeing lots of cases of unexplained fever.  So hereby I declare that Boeta has a viral infection and that he will be better soon.

I have spoken.

Using my mommy-voice.

This is the way it is going to be.


7 Responses

  1. I agree, probably viral. We had that with Bianca last week. Then it settled and yesterday was back to 38 again. She definitely has some kind of viral infection (and now Caitlyn caught it – sigh!)

  2. I agree, a colleague’s three kids have had unexplained fevers over the past two weeks. They appear to get better for a day or two (no fever) then it just comes back.

    Docs are baffled as well just saying they are definitely fighting some or other virus.

    Keep using that mommy voice Suz…it works!

  3. Yes, it is.

  4. viral it is ♥

  5. amen!

  6. Kyk net hoe verdwyn die goggas toe hulle daai mammie-stem hoor…..

  7. goggas se absolute militere gat! Geen kans teen goeie gesonde kiddie imuunstelsel en dose van panado of boudpilletjies nie!!!

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