He is home!

After 10 days in hospital in isolation connected to IV tubes Woutertjie is home!  The boys (Wouter and Wouter) arrived home at 8 this morning.  Boeta is currently lying on the couch twisted up like a pretzel, watching Cars and eating pretzels.  OK, he is now lying with his bum on the armrest and his head on the seat – I stopped asking questions long ago!

Just to keep the balance in the day I managed to have a shocker until now.  Carien managed to lock herself into my car.  So there she was, sitting strapped into her carseat holding the car remote and looking very impressed with herself for managing to have a boat load of adults looking at her through the windows.  And all the adults are miming their version of “press the button – no the other button”.

Eventually a locksmith had to be called in.  And bless him, he didn’t charge a cent for rescueing the damsel in distress.

Of course Wouter is trying to convince me that I am not to blame.  He is telling me that I am tired and tired people make mistakes and all that jazz.  He doesn’t seem to understand that I am unlike other people.  I am the one trying to convince people that they shouldn’t be so hard on themselves while off in the corner I’m beating myself up for not being absolutely perfect.  So can someone please tell Wouter not to interfere with my self-flagellation?  It takes all the fun out of it.

Anyway, we are at home for the moment.  On paper we should be here until Tuesday’s chemo but reality might just interfere with our plans.  So we are enjoying every moment and not worrying (too much) about tomorrow.

I’m being abducted by Annie and Stephanie (my longest and second longest friends) today.  I have no idea what they are planning but as long as it doesn’t involve hospital or home I’m fine with it!

Have a good weekend everyone!