It is 16:30. Exactly 2 years since we Heard The News. 
Last year I did a detailed day-by-day, bit-by-bit update of events leading up to today and the start of this new chapter of our lives. 
This year I’m simply grateful for how far we’ve come. 
May you receive as many blessings as we have. Wishing you peace and love this Christmas time. 
***I am dedicating this time to the memories of the childen we lost and their families***


We are so blessed

As Wouter commented, everything is fine. 

“Fine”, of course, is very subjective.  It seems Boeta is fast on his way to getting pneumonia again so he started on antibiotics.  Dr Kuhn didn’t have fabulous memories when we arrived.  See, it isn’t only the parents who are upset when their child is diagnosed with a life threatening illness.  The doctors aren’t that happy either.  <——  huge understatement

The only important bit to take from this day is that God is great and good and faithful.  We are so blessed.

Guess what

Guess where Boeta and I are going at 13:30.

No really.  Guess.

You are wrong.  Guess again.

You are still wrong.

We are going to see Dr Kuhn, the GP who saw Boeta first on 23 December 2008, tomorrow 2 years ago.  Because Boeta has a fever of 39C.

What are the freaking odds? 

23 December 2008 I took Boeta to Dr Kuhn (not our usual GP – she was on vacation) because he was nauseous and listless and we were on our way to Wouter’s parents for the Christmas weekend and I wanted him checked out before we left.  In the end we never left.

22 December 2010 I am taking Boeta to Dr Kuhn (our GP is on vacation) because he is feverish and listless; we are leaving tomorrow to go to Wouter’s parents for the Christmas weekend and I want him checked out before we leave.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been telling everyone that we were going to drive through to Pringle Bay today since I don’t want to spend tomorrow reliving 2008.  But as things happened, we are only driving there tomorrow.  Which didn’t bother me until this morning when my mom told my that he feels hot. 

He says that his chest is sore (he has been coughing for a while – I am hoping for bronchitis) and that his ears hurt.  The ears he only mentioned after I started going through the getting-you-cleaned-for-the-doctor routine.  That includes wiping his ears.  So I am really hoping for ear infection.  I can do ear infections.

But if Dr Kuhn refers us to a paediatrician I am going to flip.  I’m telling you now.  That would be too much. 

2 years ago we went to see Dr Ettienne Bruwer because Gerrit (de Villiers) was on vacation.  Gerrit is on vacation right now…..


The key to the keys

Being absolutely perfect *flapping lashes at elevation speed* I try not to discriminate against the … shall we say … less perfect people around me. AKA my husband. The father of my children.


I have to say that I’m not completely blaming him for the shortcoming I am about to explain to you in some detail. He is genetically programmed that way. It is a Grové male thing. His father and brother does the same thing and it drives their wives crazy too!

First some background.  Buckle in.  This is going to take a while.

At the moment we have two vehicles parked in our garage.  Neither is ours.

You may know by now that I drive an A160 (2000 model, fire engine red, automatic).  Wouter used to drive an Isuzu bakkie but earlier this year my dad decided that he wanted to sell his Mercedes Vito (8 seater minibus type van).  At the same time the bakkie was starting to cost more in maintenance than a new car would’ve.  That nasty stage between 250 000 and 300 000 km where everything seems to need replacing. So we sold the bakkie and bought the Vito.  Now for the first time in years we are paying a car – we lived in payed-up-bliss for a long time.

Of course getting a more expensive car means that the insurance also goes up.  But I am so glad we have insurance.  Because two weeks ago (24 November @ 11:45 to be exact) I reversed out of our garage.  The same garage that I’ve been reversing out of the 7 years that we’ve lived in this house.  And after 7 years of negotiating the same obstacles (nothing – it is a clear approach) I managed to make contact with the neighbours’ tree.  The neighbours on the opposite side of the street.  A tree that I  haven’t been close to at any time in the past 7 years. 

But this time I made perfect contact.  The one day that I wasn’t in a hurry, wasn’t dealing with the kids screaming behind me (Carien and I were fetching Boeta from school – she was sitting quietly strapped into her chair), didn’t have to dodge the dog (suicidal tendencies there – will have to tell you someday) and had nothing at all distracting me.  Obviously that doesn’t agree with me because this is what the bus looked like afterwards.


So the bus went in to get repaired last week and I will only get it back tomorrow.  We are using my mom’s bakkie in the meantime.  This is the one “strange” vehicle in our garage.

The A160, better known as Lightning McQueen, isn’t home either.  Jane, a friend of mine, went jungle gymming like a 12 year old and proved that an adult doesn’t fall like a 12 year old does.  She broke her left leg.  Which left her unable to drive a manual car.  Since Lightning is automatic we arranged a  car exchange of sorts.  😉  She is driving my car and we have hers* – the other “strange” car.

Yesterday Wouter drove to work in the bakkie.  When it was time for school I loaded the whole trek into the Fiat – to find out that the key was missing. 

Whenever a key goes missing in this house I know where to look for the guilty party.  Wouter has a way (as does his father and his brother) of putting keys in pockets and then forgetting about them. 

I immediately looked in the laundry basket, going through the pockets of all the trousers I could find.  No luck.  So I phone him.  And he doesn’t answer.  I phone again.  Starting to fume now because it is also a well known Wouter thing to put his phone on silent or just turn it off and be unreachable.  Again he doesn’t answer.  He says it never rang.  I finally reach him on his office number. 

W:  (cheerfully)  Hallo Bokkie!

S:  (abrupt)  Do you have any ideas about where the Fiat’s key is?

W:  (defensive) I don’t have it.

S:  (I can hear him digging through his stuff because he too suspects that he has the key)  How sure are you about that?

W:  (not so cheerful)  Oh here it is.  In my pocket.

S:  (letting the silence speak)

W:  (contrite)  Sorry Bokkie.  Can you make another plan?

So I phone my mom to bring her car over so that I can get the children to school.  Carien’s last day of school at this playschool, so quite important.  But my mom’s car has a flat battery.  So flat that once it was jumped you couldn’t take your foot off the fuel pedal or it would die.  So no go there too.

In the end I highjacked Jan’s (a family friend who was visiting) bakkie to get the kids to school.  And I phoned Wouter and ordered him to get the key home.  I don’t ever order Wouter.  We don’t have that kind of relationship.  We ask.  We bribe.  We negotiate.  We don’t order. 

But I ordered.  And he obeyed.  He was that deep into the dogbox.

My day (and my mood) perked up quite a lot once I had the keys.  It is really hard to get anything done when you don’t have a car available.  I will never ever (or not soon anyway) take my car for granted again.

And I won’t take Wouter for granted either.  Where else will I find a husband who not only listens to me**, but gives me lots to write about? 

I love you Babes!  🙂

* A Fiat Grande Punto.  I am so impressed with this car.  It is light but solid.  Quiet.  Easy to drive.  I never thought a Fiat could feel this good!  🙂

**Sometimes.  If he feels like it.

Thanksgiving service

On Sunday (12 December) the families of the oncology children treated at Panorama MediClinic are hosting a thanksgiving service.

Please join us at 11:00 at the sports hall of Brackenfell High School, Cape Town. We will be giving thanks for the healing of our children, praying for the healing for our children and celebrating the lives of our children who are in heaven.

Afterwards you will all leave* 😉 and then we will have our Christmas party.

*unless you have been explicitly invited – no password, no entry. Or something like that. 🙂

If I waited 5 more days

Today it is 5 days short of a month since my last post.  That is shocking on so many levels.

People who don’t know us really well have said things like “well, you are having a normal life now – there is less to write about”.  But this is me, remember?  I can write about an ant dragging a brick.  Yes, an ant wouldn’t be able to drag a brick so there would be nothing to write about.  E x a c t l y  my point….

To me my long absence shows how off myself I’ve been.  Yes, real life has been rushing by.  December is upon us which means that everyone is finishing everything they didn’t finish off sooner this year (me included) and it is hectic.  But that isn’t the reason why I haven’t updated.  After all, I usually write updates after the children (and Wouter) have gone to bed.  Most of my submissions are around 23:45.  And at that time of night there is very little going on in terms of social life.  We are parents now.

In the last almost-a-month my prescription changed again – I can’t seem to settle on anti-depressants.  But that is the good thing about seeing a psychiatrist instead of a psychologist.  When I act up (or down 😉 ) on my meds the dosages change and after a while I will feel better again.  Not all bad.

Wouter is noticing that I am withdrawing too much.  Or I think he does.  Or else you guys just bugged him too much.  He begged me to write an update today, even if I only say that we are still around and doing well.  This was the first time in weeks that I even opened the blog.

I am going to put Wouter on strict instructions to push me to update.  There is so much news.

Lots of love,