Happy birthday, Baby!

There are many things that I regret.  Things I didn’t do, things I did in fact do, things I should have done.  Same goes for things said, not said, should have said.

There is one thing that I don’t regret though.  I married a good man.  The best. And he (generally) makes me want to be a better person.*

Yesterday Wouter turned 40.  After spending a very busy weekend celebrating with family and friends in Montagu, we spent the day quietly.  Mostly because Wouter had business meetings until very late. So today I sent cupcakes to his office (actually I delivered them myself – it is handy to work on the same campus, 100m from each other) and I spent yet another day thinking about what I did right when I married him.

I did goooood.



Wout at ~1 year old.  No wonder our children are so shockingly good looking.











The cupcakes.  With ribbons and all.  And the ribbon is in a dull colour, the way Wout likes it.  I didn’t say he was PERFECT, did I?

I, however, am the perfect wife.  Obviously.






*Sometimes he makes me want to be a better shot, but that is a story for another day….. 😉


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