Said and done

So this morning Carien and I took Woutertjie to El Shaddai for his school visit.  The idea was that he would spend a full school day with the kids that will be in his class next year.  See how he fits in, see how he manages, see how it goes.

Turns out we got to school, he met the teacher, he forgot all about me.  And that is the short of it.

The long is a bit longer.

We still got to school and he still met the teacher.  There were two more children who are joining the current Grade R class for Grade 1 next year.  The three of them walked into the class where Woutertjie immediately cuddled up to the teacher while he checked out the rest of the kids.  But please don’t think he cuddled and huddled, trying to hide from the crowd.  Oh no.  He cuddled, confident of the teacher’s devotion (obviously she would adore him – he had no doubt. 😉 ) while presenting himself for the rest of the class’s approval.  This child is so confident.

Once he linked up with the teacher I was old news.  I had to call to him and signal a thumbs up;  he responded with a over dramatised thumbs up and promptly forgot about me again.  No worry about when or where I was going to pick him up.  That was detail and he had other things to worry about.  Like making a train out of cardboard and drawing a very very good Thomas the Tank Engine.

Carien meanwhile had a fabulous day (as usual) at her school.  After picking her up at 12:00 we had a lot of time before Wouter finished, so we went and bought lollipops for them.  It was Carien’s idea and she picked one for each of them and helped to pay.  It was very sweet.  She really missed having Woutertjie around at Klein Phisantekraal, even though they barely see each other during the school day.  Just the thought of having him close makes her feel all happy and clappy.

Woutertjie was so tired after this day.  He had a nap until 17:30 this afternoon and then I had to wake him up.  He was bummed!  He told me a little bit about his day but at one stage told me to stop asking.  Such a man.  *rolling eyes*


Groot skool

Tomorrow Boeta is going to “visit” the school he will be going to next year.  He is currently in Grade R, which is like a preparatory grade before “real” school starts.  But next year he will be in Grade 1 in El Shaddai Christian School and tomorrow will be a kind of school readiness assessment.  He will join the Grade R class of El Shaddai (Wouter and Carien are in Klein Phisantekraal Preprimary this year) for the day and then join them next year.  He is so excited.  He is like a little kid …  😉  He has been counting days and telling everyone about the wonderful adventure awaiting him.

My little boy is growing up way too soon.

*insert interesting heading*

Me again.  I am waiting for iTunes10 to download and it isn’t going too well.  It’s been refusing to move, stopping and starting, restarting, being a pain.  And I have to do this between 12 and 5 at night to make use of free 3G – our internet bundle won’t last any time at all if I had to do this repeated downloading on it.  So now it is 01:00 and the download is stuck on 54.6Mb of the 78.Mb – a great increase from the 5.4Mb that it started hitching on.

I got my iPhone4 about a year ago (?) and really love it.  The kids love it too, but only because it has nice games.  The only real problem I have with it is that everything goes through iTunes.  That isn’t a problem, until you have to update iTunes and it doesn’t want to download.  I’ve spent too many night trying.  I’ve had it with iTunes.  Of course, after having it out on here about Apple and iTunes it will probably now work.  You know how it goes.  Let’s hope it works.  I am tired and I want to go to bed.