Boeta is on loan

The last while Boeta has been pestering us that he wants Oupa Skippie (Wouter’s dad) to borrow him.  Meaning that he wants to stay with Oupa and Ouma at their house on his own.  Without us there. 

This weekend we went to Pringle Bay and he is now on loan until further notice.  Carien is surprisingly OK with it – she did ask about 20 times on our way home where Boeta was, but she isn’t upset.  I promised her that the two of us would do fun, girl stuff while Boeta was in “Tingle Bay”.  So please think of me.  I am very bad at thinking up things.  But I will try. 

I am surprisingly un-OK with Boeta’s absence.  The car was too quite.  The house is too quite.  Since we got home no one tried to brain themselves on the coffee table by vaulting off the couch onto the plastic chairs that are perched on the cushions of the couch, now scattered on the floor.  And would you believe it?  I miss it.


I am going to try to update more frequently from now on

I’ve been horribly depressed the last while.  And as my long-time readers know, that tends to make me crawl into my incommunicado hole for a while.  This time it has been going on for a very long time though.  I am completely unmotivated, constantly tired and just plain down.  So now my medication has been adjusted and I am making an effort to get over it.  Using the highly acclaimed Bull Baffles Brains technique.  In other words, I am going to act like I am fine and then maybe I could fool myself into actually feeling fine.  Will it work?  Who knows.  But I’m going to give it a try anyway.

So I intend to get the blog up to date.  In the next couple of days I will therefore post about our holiday (and we returned the first week of August), Carien’s grommets (she is a different child), our kittens (4 and they need homes urgently) and whatever else I remember.  Be warned – I am going to post them normally and then backdate later so that the posts slot into their proper places.  I hate things that aren’t chronologically filed.

So wish me luck – I will try not to disappoint.

OK then. I’ll do better than that.

I am going through a very withdrawn phase.  Seriously, I don’t even talk to myself if I can help it.  And I (used to) love talking to myself. 

Since the last update so many things happened.  Carien got her grommets and it really went exceptionally well.  Boeta is now going to playschool 3 times a week in anticipation of starting pre-school next year (he has to build some stamina) and let’s just say that he isn’t the most diligent student at playschool…  Oh.  And Wouter is being retrenched at the end of this month. 

So once again it is exciting times in our house.

Before you start sending food parcels, Wouter found another job already.  We are extremely blessed.  With me being a housewife (ie not earning a blue, black or any other coloured cent) it would’ve been a calamity of some magnitude if Wouter didn’t have a job either.  Then we would’ve needed those parcels.

Anyway.  We are doing OK.  I am not doing the best I have ever done but we are survivors.  We’ll get through this too.


Wouter said I wasn’t allowed to go to bed unless I wrote an update.

“An Update”

See you around.

The update

As I mentioned yesterday, we went for Boeta’s 6 months off treatment sonar.  He wasn’t impressed when I told him that he had to be nil per mouth (to make sure the camera sees your tummy and not the food in your tummy) and even less impressed when he realised that all of this meant that there was the faintest possibility that the krokkenoster might be back.  The implication sent him very nearly into hysterics.  So yes, he does remember.  And he immediately launched into a long explanation detailing how the krokkenoster was dead adn not in his tummy and how it wasn’t necessary to take pictures.  But we did.

And by the grace of God, it was a perfect sonar. 

Carien meanwhile hasn’t had a shadow of a fever since Monday and I haven’t given her any antibiotics or fever medication or anything.  Should she get grommets?  Am I indeed a hyperactive mom?  I still don’t know.

But I will leave you with a couple of pictures of the two. 

Wouter, Woutertjie and Carien waiting for the sonar.  For the first time ever Boeta was excited about putting on the gown.  Maybe because Carien was so jealous of the gown? 

Striking a pose.

Ready for the sonar.

Do you want to see a couple of recent pictures?  Well, here they are anyway.

Carien cuddling up to her cousin Dewalt, Japie’s son.

Boeta wanted to go with Wouter to buy pizza.  Wouter didn’t want the kids to go with (it takes a loooot of time to accommodate them) so I lied to my children and told them that there were germs at the pizza store so they couldn’t go.  Whereupon Boeta ran to his room and returned with a pair of underpants – he couldn’t find a surgical mask like the ones he wore when he was neutropenic so he improvised.  Note that the important bits are correct.  His nose and mouth are covered and we think it was a clean pair of underpants.  Perfect.

We baked cake.  But while the cake cooled they had to take a nap.  This was taken about 80 seconds after they woke up.  They spent the rest of the afternoon icing the cakes.  The results were … unique.

Every mother knows to investigate immediately when the children become very quiet.  I didn’t.  And then I found the floor of Boeta’s room covered in scattered (clean!!!) clothes that were removed from the cupboard by my two engineers.  They had to do it, since they wanted to play “ide en seek”.  They “ide-ed” 😉 and I didn’t have to spend a lot of time seeking once they called me to “see where we are”.

To give you an idea of how high they climbed, here is the full length photo.  I don’t know how they got up there and in there.  I do know that it took ages to return the room to some sort of order. 🙂

6 months post treatment

Woutertjie went for a sonar today.  It is the scheduled check-up, so nothing funny.  By the grace of God it was a perfect scan.  No evidence of disease.  Die krokkenoster is steeds in sy moer.

Right now I am beyond paste.  I will tell you all about it tomorrow but I figured I should just put this out there so long. 🙂

Grommets it will be

I got an appointment with Dr Pentz this afternoon.  Carien’s fever hit 41C last night so I think it was time. 

He says that there is definitely some infection in her ears, but it doesn’t appear to be bad enough to cause such a high fever.  Either way, based on the fact that she was supposed to come for a checkup after 3 courses of antibiotics tomorrow, and showed up today with her 4th bout of middle ear infection, he is recommending grommets.  He wanted to do it on Wednesday but my mom is only arriving back from Port Elizabeth (where she visited my father’s sister and family) at 11:00 on Wednesday so that won’t work.  Someone has to take care of Woutertjie while I stay with Carien.

It will now be done on Friday.  Since Carien seems so much better tonight (and seems to have a light gastro) I suspect that the fever may have been non-ear related.  I don’t know if I should go ahead with the grommets or cancel.  I don’t know.  I hope I make up my mind before they wheel her into theatre.