OK, I know why I was quiet for so long

Before I wrote yesterday’s update I thought I felt fine.  Tired, but fine.  After writing it I felt drained, emotional and utterly rebellious.

Soon after Boeta was diagnosed I met Lauren Beets online.  A while ago I did a post entitled “You know you are a cancer parent when” after I received the list from her. 

Lauren’s son Christopher was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma of the upper eyelid muscle about June of last year.  In other words, he has the same cancer as Boeta but his eye is affected.  Christopher got better, got worse, got better and now suddenly the cancer has exploded into his brain.  He has been given 2 weeks to live. 

The past week, as tests were done to determine what was going on, this family has been on my mind all the time.  By not writing I tried to not think about it.  And I managed to sort of keep an emotional distance.  Not anymore. 

Please keep Lee, Lauren and Trisha (Christopher’s sister) in your thoughts and prayers.


4 Responses

  1. Hectic 😦

  2. That must be so hard to see a family go through so much of what you are. Prayers to both famlies

  3. O Here, hou hulle asb vas, U is groot en goed, Amen

  4. Bid vir julle en hulle my skat. X

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