What a half-a-week!

My last post was on Friday.  It is Wednesday.  I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without updating.  Don’t ask me why I waited so long.  I asked the same question and I am still waiting for an answer.  I am that uncommunicative.

Woutertjie was discharged from hospital on Friday.

Saturday morning I went to a Brandpower breakfast (Brandpower – helping you buy better).  I am one of their home testers and since the breakfast meant that I would get out of the house and see grown-ups I was there in a flash!  Aside from the outing and a breakfast that I didn’t have to prepare, the best about it was seeing Sandi again.  Sandi is officially the most opinionated person that I know and she did herself proud by winning a prize for the most honest review.  I wasn’t surprised!

On Sunday Wouter and I started off by agreeing that Boeta will end up in hospital before sunset.  *said in a heavy Mafia accent* We know these things.  By late afternoon it was time to make the trip.  Wouter packed an overnight bag because he said Wotuertjie was going to have to stay over.  I put my money on a quick rehydration and sleeping at home. 

Wouter won.

I still think it was just Gerrit’s way of getting to me.  Obviously.

Monday the chemo started again (4 hours per day, Monday to Friday).  Do you realise that it is week 41 already?  The 56 week mark isn’t that far off anymore.  From the end of last week Boeta’s tummy started acting up more again.  Right now it is back at the pouring stage.  He is constantly on IV fluid because he dehydrates withing a couple of hours.  A big worry with diarrhoea is electrolyte imbalances, specifically potassium.  The minimum normal reading for potassium is 3.5 – Boeta’s dropped to 2.1 today.  It was done this morning and was 2.7 so the lab asked for another sample to make sure that it was in fact that low.  By the next sample (a couple of hours later) it was 0.6 units lower.  Scary stuff.  There is now potassium added to his IV fluid to stabilise his readings.

What else?  I don’t like updates like these.  It is just a log of everything that happened.  But since the blog is my only way of keeping track of what happened and when, it has to be done.

Oh oh oh!  Annie and Stephanie had their babies Monday and Tuesday respectively.  I’ll add photos as soon as I get it!


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  1. It’s been an eventful journey so far and you all are still an inspiration to me. I could today console a very distressed friend of a five year old girl admitted to Panorama Medi Clinic with some strange bacterial infection by saying: It IS a good hospital and MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!

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