January 2009

28/01/09 – 31/01/09: Boeta remained severely immunosuppressed but didn’t have as much as a runny nose.  Following booster injections his white cell counts increased steeply.

27/01/09 Tuesday: The first day of the 5-day chemo.  Woutertjie is healthy which really is a miracle considering the extent of his immunosuppression.  We are very grateful to God.

26/01/09 Monday: Woutertjie is having a fabulous time at home.  He is lively, active and our greatest worry is keeping him out of trees and mostly in one piece. 

25/01/09 Sunday: Weeks ago Elsa, a friend of mine, gave me a book called “God’s promises to women”.  For various reasons I never got round to read it.  Today I had a less good day full of worries and doubts.  I opened this book tonight and the very first piece was about worries and how God would take care of everything.  This was exactly what I needed.  Thank you Father for giving us what we need even though we don’t always know what we need.

24/01/09 Saturday: Boeta is home!  His levels are high enough to be allowed out of hospital but he still needs to stay isolated from outsiders.  But he is home!  His 8th day home since the 23rd of December, 4 weeks ago.

Also today Carien locked herself into my car and the locksmith rescued her at no charge.  On a weekend.

23/01/09 Friday: White blood levels of 3.1!

22/01/09 Thursday: His white blood count jumped from 0.7 to 1.5!  It doubled!  This is wonderful news since he has to stay in isolation in hospital until it reaches “save” levels.

21/01/09 Wednesday: Some of the moms of the playschool that Boeta used to go to prepared meals for us.  In foil containers so I don’t have to worry about returning anything.  I won’t have to worry about food for a while because they are planning on making it a regular thing.  Thank you so much!

20/01/09 Tuesday: This morning’s blood results show that Boeta’s platelet count is up, up, up and just about normal.  His white blood count increased slightly, enough to indicate that he may have reached a turning point.  Until the next chemo, that is.

19/01/09 Monday:  Boeta hates hair cutting.  And yet the moment I mentioned it he insisted on getting his cut.  It is amazing to not have to fight about it.  And he isn’t traumatised about being hairless because it was all his own idea, see?

18/01/09 Sunday:

17/01/09 Saturday:  Wouter’s laptop crashed in big way today.  Initially it seemed that he lost everything.  Which would’ve been catastrophic in Wouter’s life and work and he certainly doesn’t need at this stage.  In the end some files are corrupted but nothing major.  Considering under how much stress Wouter is at the moment we are extremely grateful for this miracle.

16/01/09 Friday:  It was Friday.  And after the week we had that was a blessing on it’s own.

15/01/09 Thursday:  I went to my work (UCT) to make arrangements to take all my leave so that I can look after Boeta.  Before I could start explaining the head of department told me that he already spoke to the dean of the faculty.  I can take all my leave and then unpaid leave as long as I need.  They are getting someone to fill in in my absence but my job will be waiting when I get back. 

The paediatrician (Dr Gerrit de Villiers) phoned to suggest that I bring Woutertjie for a check today instead of tomorrow.  In his rooms Woutertjie suddenly had a fever of 38.2 degrees and Gerrit decided to admit him for IV antibiotics in case of infection.  By the time we got to the ward the fever was gone.  However, when his blood results came back we knew why we were meant to be in hospital.  Boeta’s white blood count is low enough to be considered zero.  By being admitted and blood counts done he could be  placed in isolation in time to keep him healthy.  At home he probably would’ve picked up something by now.


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