February 2009

28/02/09 Saturday: Wouter and I went to Newlands to watch rugby (Stormers vs Blues).  Is was very good for us to do something without the kids.  My husband really is special.  I love you!

27/02/09 Friday: Carien and I went shopping and had such a fun time!  I love that child so much.  Spending quality time with her was wonderful!

26/02/09 Thursday: Boeta’s plaster was changed in the “white room” today.  Usually he refuses to go in to the procedure room (the sheet is white so he calls it the white room) and fights the plastering but today he cooperated beautifully.  This really is a miracle.

25/02/09 Wednesday: Woutertjie has no side effects after yesterday’s chemo.  If anything, he is looking fabulous!

24/02/09 Tuesday: Two months from the day when we received the diagnosis.  Today we are grateful for the people who have shared this journey with us – family, friends, medical staff and pray-ers.  We thank God for you.

23/02/09 Monday: The moms from Woutertjie’s play school delivered frozen food for the week.  Again.  There aren’t words to explain how much this means to us.  It makes life so much easier on all of us.

22/02/09 Sunday: Sometimes a church service feeds my soul more than other times.  This was a 7-course buffet.

21/02/09 Saturday: We had supper with friends and in the process received more spiritual nourishment than we could possibly deserve.  Thank you to Niel and Surina for having us over and thank you God, for bringing them into our lives.

20/02/09 Friday: Another good day with no fever, no nausea, no mouth sores and no limits!

19/02/09 Thursday: We are home and Woutertjie is running around, riding his bicycle and having a good time.  He hasn’t complained about being tired for a very long time now – in January he could only play for a little while before he said he was tired.  Praise God! 

18/02/09 Wednesday: Chemo went very well.  The oncologist says the tumour behind his liver is a lot smaller.  We are praying that his heart will be clean as well.

17/02/09 Tuesday: Chemo went ahead as planned.  Woutertjie was happy to be back in hospital and the nurses were fabulous as usual.

16/02/09 Monday: First we received Boeta’s very much improved blood results and then our minister, Tielman, came visiting tonight.  Wouter told me afterwards that he didn’t feel prepared for the coming week but after Tielman prayed for us and shared some chemo tips he feels ready.  Thank you God for knowing what we need even when we don’t.

15/02/09 Sunday:  Day 14 at home.

14/02/09 Saturday: Our family and friends surprised us with a Valentine’s hamper.  We didn’t know how much we needed to be spoiled until you did it.  Thank you.

13/02/09 Friday:  Day 12 at home.

12/02/09 Thursday:  Our 11th straight day at home. 

11/02/09 Wednesday: We are still at home.  On paper Boeta should’ve contracted some infection by now but God’s angels are swatting germs away from him constantly.  He had a bit of a runny nose this afternoon but no fever.

10/02/09 Tuesday: Dr Stefan is shocked at the fact that Boeta’s blood counts are extremely low but he is not showing any ill effects.  God is so good to us.

09/02/09 Monday: I took Woutertjie to hospital to get blood drawn for his weekly full blood count.  He didn’t want to leave.  We are so relieved that we don’t have to force him to be there.

Furthermore the moms from Woutertjie’s play school have been unbelievable again and we picked up our frozen meals for the week today.  This means so much to us.  I have to run after Woutertjie constantly to make sure that he doesn’t hurt himself and cooking is way down on the list of priorities.  Wouter is very very grateful.  He knows that we would’ve lived on sandwiches if it wasn’t for Elsa, Michelle and their fellow angels.

08/02/09 Sunday: We are still home.  This is now the longest we’ve been home since Woutertjie’s diagnosis.  I’ve passed jittery and now I am relaxed in the knowledge that God will keep us at home as long as He thinks we should be here.

07/02/09 Saturday: Boeta rode his plastic motorbike today, the first time since before his diagnosis on 24 December.  He is feeling well and we thank God for that.

06/02/09 Friday: Against my wishes I went to see Emerentia, the oncology social worker.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  We ended up discussing a little bit of oncology and a lot of religion.  Through her God reminded me of His boundless love and grace.  Thank you Emerentia, for making yourself available to be in a tool in His hands.

05/02/09 Thursday: We are still home.  I’m starting to become jittery!  I don’t know what to do at home anymore.

04/02/09 Wednesday: The children are constantly bickering.  The joys of normality. Thank you God!

03/02/09 Tuesday: Still at home! 

02/02/09 Monday: We are home!  Boeta’s blood counts are high enough that he can see friends this week. 

01/02/09 Sunday: Boeta ran a fever and was given IV antibiotics but it just can’t keep him down.  This chemo was supposed to be very hard on him but through the grace of God he had almost no side-effects.


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