More “5 year” events

Since the “5 years from diagnosis” post we also had

5 years from meeting our oncologist

5 years from hearing that the tumour was actually inside Boeta’s heart (apparently it said so on the first scan, but we were too shell shocked to interpret the medical-speak)

5 years from first chemo

5 years from starting hair loss

5 years from having his Broviac put in, and Wouter being told that Boeta “won’t survive the surgery, but that is OK since he won’t survive the cancer either”.  Ha.  Take that, unbelieving doctor!  That same doctor removed his Broviac in 2010 and told me that he was very grateful to have been proven wrong.  I am too.

In a couple of weeks we are celebrating 5 years since Boeta’s first clear scan.  In a way it feels like his re-birthday to me.  He was born on 5 April 2005, but on 16 March 2009 he was reborn to us.  We are blessed.


2 Responses

  1. What a mighty God! Sommer trane in my ogies saam mt julle! Big hug xx

  2. Oh yes! Have a birthday party to celebrate I say

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