Outing time

It is that time of year.  School outing time.

I used to get very upset at my dad, being so overprotective and old-fashioned and uncool.  He made such a fuss before he allowed us to drive with anyone other than a certain select group of people.  Which means that I missed out on more than one weekend away / camping trip / whatever when I was still in school.  I decided that I would never be as boring as my parents.

Now here I am.  Last week Carien’s school went to the museum in Cape Town.  I made specific arrangements with another school-mother (who is on my select list of drivers) to take her and bring her back.  We practiced scenarios (Are you going to fasten your seat belt? The other children are laughing at you – are you going to unbuckle the seat belt?  Everyone else is riding loose in the boot of the car – are you going to join them?) until she told me to “please stop now”.  And I stressed that whole day, even after I got the message that she was safely back at my mom’s house.

Boeta’s class went to Giraffe House yesterday.  And again we did scenarios.  And again I was restless until he got back.

I can’t help but be amazed at how I am turning into my parents.  And now that I am a parent myself there is no way that I would allow my children to do the things that I wanted to do so badly when I was in school.

How the mighty are falling…


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  1. I am 100% convinced we all turn into the good parts of our parents – the bad parts we can fight

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