Men and boys

Last night Wouter had lots to say about my lack of humblicity humility.  <— dankie Tif!

Which leads one (me) to the conclusion that he thinks he is equally awesome.  It isn’t fair to criticise someone if you can’t do better, right?  Huh.

My awesome husband and his equally awesome son (please note how deftly I shift all blame to the mentioned husband) caused me to oversleep this morning.  In fact, by the time I woke up it was time to leave for work.


Our usual routine is quite complicated.  My iPhone alarms at 06:30.  Boeta then takes it to go and play games until 06:40, when the phone alarm goes off again.  He brings it to me, still screeching, and I wake up and get up and everyone gets ready for work / school.  The children need to be on their way to school by 07:30.  If Wouter takes them I go to my mom’s for breakfast and tea until I leave for work at 08:10.

The spanner in the works at the moment is that it is currently school holidays.  So everything is a bit more relaxed.  And Wouter decided to work from home this morning.  Which meant that I was the only person in our household on the clock.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning at 08:00.

Boeta played games from early until my telephone’s battery died and then returned it to my bedside table.  I asked him why he didn’t tell me when the alarm went off and he replied, baffled, “You didn’t answer”.  Rightyo.

Next I asked Wouter why he didn’t wake me.  His answer?  “I didn’t think of that.”  Upon my eyebrows hitting the ceiling at that bit of genius he added with his lost-little-boy-look “I forgot….?”.  OK then.

Suffice to say, I had a very fast morning.  And I am seriously doubting the general state of mind of the men in my house.

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