On being humble

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Not being braggy

What is the word for describing being humble?  “Your *being humble* is commendable.”  I am too lazy right now to Google.  Which goes a long way to describing just how lazy I am at the moment…

Back to humbility.

Yesterday Deirdre and I saw a regular supporter of the trust about upcoming events.  And my acceptance of my awesomeness came up. Knowing me, you won’t be too horribly surprised at me telling this VVIP about my better qualities.  And there are a few of them.  Face it, I bake kick-ass cake.  And you should have some of my pancakes.  And then I am not too shabby as a public speaker (usually).  And now I’ve run out of examples to hold up to illustrate my amazingness.  But just make it up as you go along.  I am quite good at blowing my own horn too.  I am sure I could even convince someone that I am good at returning phone messages.  <— as long as that person isn’t one of those whose messages I haven’t answered yet

Either way, Deirdre made a comment about my lack of humble-ocity.  So I tried to explain to our benefactor what Wouter has finally accepted (it only took him 12 years):  I was created as an example of perfection.  For better or worse, “perfection” didn’t include “humble”, and adding a blob of humble to my perfection would be like putting a hat on Michelangelo’s David. Not that the David couldn’t do with a well-placed blob here or there, but that is another discussion completely.

Moral of the story?  I am fabulous.  Mostly because I believe I am, and that is wholly as a result of me telling myself that I am.

Who said words don’t have power?


2 Responses

  1. Humility……retard. 🙂

  2. Suzanne, you dont have to tell or compliment yourself on how wonderful you are: just list all your friends and people that are close to you and you will find that they, all together, represent your wonderfulness because you make their lives an amazing life, just as your personality is! Love you BFF

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