Do something remarkable – donate blood

A while ago (the beginning of May?) we spent a large part of a Saturday to shoot an ad for the WPBTS.

There was a make-up artist who received strict instructions (from me) to take 10 years and 20kg off my appearance.  Poor woman.

We (the four of us) were photographed extensively and then Woutertjie and I had to do an unscripted advertisement.  Those where you tell your story in your own words.  On the surface, not a problem!  I spent a lot of time doing awareness talks and after all, my job involves addressing hundreds of students at a time.


I am not a stand-in-one-spot speaker.  Noooooooo.  Not me.  Give me the mic and I will walk from one side to the other, looking this way and that, gesturing with both hands (or at least the elbow of the hand holding the mic) and be quite interactive.  Last year Deirdre and I were at a paediatric cancer workshop where I had to do the talking.  The moment she saw that all the speakers had to use a lectern (for recording of the speeches) she gave me this very worried look.  With reason.  It was the toughest second toughest speech I ever gave.  But at least I could stand while doing it.  And I could use my hands.*

Now imagine me having to sit quietly, hands still and look at a camera while telling our story.  <—- this was the toughest speech I ever gave

Oh – to add misery to my agony, Woutertjie was sitting next to me.  And he hates it when we talk about his journey.  He prefers to just forget about it.  He is fine with the overall thing but Do Not Go Into Details.

Fortunately the production company employs very competent editors and they managed to get some usable bits together.  Here is the link:

I was soooo proud when he read the scripted bit.  For a 8 year old Afrikaans child he did good!

*I am sure I have Italian blood.  If you tie my hands up I have a speech impediment…


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