Winter is here

I am sitting with a blanket wrapped around me, my feet (also wrapped up) on a pillow because the floor is just too cold.  I am wearing my thickest, warmest socks and several layers of clothes.  It is cold in Cape Town.  And wet. *

Maybe I am getting old.  I never used to be this cold.  Poor Wouter found out very early in our courtship that I get hot easily and then I become a rather unhappy person.  And I spread the misery.  I am a loyal subscriber to the “spread the hardship” school of thought.

Carien seems to have inherited that trait.  She was walking around the house tonight with a long sleeved t-shirt and bare feet.  Bare feet.  Bare Freaking Feet.**

Woutertjie used to be like that.  His hair was always soaking wet while sleeping.  Then he received treatment, lost a third of his body weight and ended up having a body fat percentage in the single figure range in the middle of winter.  Whenever I put him to bed now I remember how he asked to sleep with a beanie back then because his bald head got too cold.  That continued for months until he finally got hair again.  Or rather, it continued for a year until he got hair.  Another favourite was his “wit hempies” (vests).  I’ve always been a vest-mom but he only started liking them when he was sick.  Three-star Woolworths thermal vests became his best friends.  He just couldn’t handle cold, even night times in summer got to him.

Now, 2 years after the end of treatment he still gets cold easily.  At the moment he thinks I am the best mommy ever (which I am).  I took him to Woolworths 2 weeks ago and bought some new vests.  But I also bought a blue vest (blou wit-hempie) and a blue pair of long-johns.  He chose the colour.  He is in love with that set.  Fortunately he wears his normal underpants as well, because some days he insists on changing his underwear and then putting the long-johns on again.  He has now taken to dressing in his blue thermal underwear and his school clothes and upon getting home he takes off his school clothes and spends the whole afternoon and evening in the underwear.

I really have to go and buy another set.

If someone from Woolworths reads this – those vests cost something like R70 each and the long-johns too.  We would be more than willing to accept donations.  He wears a size 7-8.  Hint hint, nudge nudge.

.   .   .

*Very very cold – according to it is 11.6ºC.  Now, to all the non-South Africans:  yes, I realise that 11.6ºC is practically a summer’s day in many parts of the world.  But this is South Africa.  Land of sunshine.  We don’t do anything below 16ºC.  And that only at night.  But we also manage at 40ºC.  We complain about that, but we don’t melt.  We are rough and tough and African, after all. 😉

**Freaking.  That is my favourite word.  I know that because Carien told me earlier this week that one of her classmates was crying because he didn’t like the chocolate icing on the cake that she took to school.***  Except she said he didn’t like the “freaking chocolate”. And when I played dumb while trying not to laugh in her face she clarified.  A month ago she refused to eat the chocolate icing on a muffin because she “didn’t like it”.  Her standard excuse for everything.  I told her (quite forcefully) that she had to taste before saying she didn’t like it and that she would like it because it is freaking chocolate.  Carien now believes that “freaking chocolate” is the synonym for “chocolate icing”.  I know I have to correct her but I just can’t.  Mostly because I laugh too much when I think about it.

***Wouter’s scans were clean.  Both he and Carien took cake to school.  We celebrate everything.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Suzanne 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve been back to your blog :s
    I’m glad Wouter’s scans were clear 🙂 always good news to hear 🙂

    I can’t remember whether I asked you before what his chemo regime and complete treatment plan, and what was and the location of his tumour…just because I have the same issue with being cold…all the time! It seems mine is related to the radiotherapy I had to my thyroid and pituitary gland…I’m not so knowledgeable about it being related to chemo…but it seems mainly to just be another thing to add to the list of adapting to which us survivors are good at! Tell Wouter I’m in love with thermals just as much as he is!!

    What’s the LTFU like in SA? quite comprehensive?

    as for ‘freaking chocolate’ that’s going to have me smiling all day! Carien seems to have knack at coming out with great words and phrases!!

  2. Lovely update :). LOL at Carien and her freaking chocolate. Woutertjie sounds so adorable.

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