Testing time again

In less than an hour’s time I will be leaving work to pick up Boeta from school.  We will then go to Panorama MediClinic where he will undergo his 6-monthly peeking, prodding, testing, the whole thing.

My nerves are shot.  I don’t know WHY.  He is looking and doing well.  He even has some muscles now (teeny tiny biceps – adorable!) and he ate all his supper last night.

Healthy appearance?  Check

Physically improving?  Check

Good appetite?  Check

Me being paranoid anyway?  Check

It is strange – I KNOW that he is fine.  I have no doubt.  Until yesterday morning I was cool and relaxed about today.  Then I started thinking about everything we’ve been through.  What he has been through.  So now I am scanxious.  Go figure!  And this while there is nothing wrong with him or even any reason to suspect that he isn’t perfectly healthy.

Boeta on the other hand is so excited to be going to hospital.  He is looking forward to the x-rays and wants to take some to school to show everyone.  He is not looking forward to the sonar gel – too cold.  But mostly he is looking forward to seeing his “tannies” again.


3 Responses

  1. Alles sal fine wees! Sterkte

  2. Dis maar tipies ma om oor alles te stres waar dit die kinders aangaan. Sterkte!!

  3. Baie sterkte, ons vertrou dat alles “skoon” sal wees.

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