Happy days

It went well.  It was good.  And I will sleep like a log tonight.

Boeta had such fun today being prodded and poked.  He adored the attention.  Come to think of it, the adjustment of going from having every single adult within eyeshot doting on you to being a “normal” child again may have been a big contributing factor in his current issues with me going back to work.  He doesn’t like it at all not having me within 5 minutes of wherever he is or being able to have me whenever he wants.

He really enjoyed today.  In case you wondered, we are still Panorama royalty.  😉

The first time Boeta had to get an x-ray the technician and I had to fight him down and hold him down.  Today he very willingly stripped off his shirt and assumed the standing position that was required.  He started holding his breath from the moment he stood in front of the machine – I thought he might pass out before the photo was taken…..  He was so sweet and cute.  I know now why the older children seemed to coast through everything better.  They understood what was happening.  A sore, sick, scared child of 3 doesn’t.

The sonar was his favourite – he checked out everything on the screen, asked to see his heart beat and was amazed at his full bladder showing up.  He liked it.

I liked the reports.  Short, sweet, showing no abnormalities.  The kind of report that one prays for.

We saw a lot of our “tannies” and of course we went to visit Gerrit (de Villiers, paediatrician from heaven).  After all the excitement Boeta started towards the “tafeltjies”.  He wanted to have chips.  So Wouter and I took him to the restaurant, intending on getting him some hot chips.  We underestimated the power of habit – he wanted to pick a packet of chips from the shelves and only later asked for fish fingers and chips.  While Wouter and I waited at a table he walked into the shop part by himself, selected what he wanted and paid.  He is getting so big now.

Anel Dippenaar did the touchy feely job today.  And once again he was having the time of his life.  He really is in his element when he is the patient.  I only realised today how different he is among children or at school or basically anywhere outside his comfort zone.  And comfort zone = hospital.

Boeta had a good day.  And so did we.


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