What can you do with R50?

Buy 5 loaves of bread.

Buy 7 liters of milk.

Buy 5 liters of diesel.  If you are lucky.

Buy 1% of an iPad.

Fold a paper plane.  See it fly over the wall and disappear.

Roll with tobacco and make a very expensive cigarette.

Now I’m done thinking.  You can think up some more suggestions.

See, I’ve had a day (and week) full of thinking.  I am tired of thinking.  I had an interview at UWC yesterday for a job that I really really would love to get.  I plotted how to make our budget stretch waayyyyy beyond its abilities.  Carien has been an absolute ray of sunshine – NOT.  I am sure I’ve said “stop crying” more times than “hurry up” this week.  That child can milk a tear out of a rock.  Wouterman is being selectively deaf – he will only hear what he wants to hear.  And what he wants to hear isn’t what I want to say.

On my way back from work today (those who don’t know, I do part-time work for my fabulous friend Annie) I went to Pick n Pay for milk and bread.  And I splurged R50 on the Shark Tale DVD for the kids.  I shouldn’t have.  I should have used that R50 smarter.  But I did buy a whole weekend of peace and quiet for me and Wouter.

By wasting money.

By encouraging the kids to watch more TV.

And strangely, I don’t even feel bad about it.


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  1. Oh sometimes it the best way to spnd R 50

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