Bugz Playpark

Carien and I went to Bugz today.  It is a playpark / entertainment area / party venue close to us.  A school friend of her’s had her birthday party there.  It was the first time that we were there since 13 December 2008.  1o days before Woutertjie was diagnosed.  I barely managed to breathe as the two of us walked in.

It was in the same indoor area that we were when Woutertjie was nauseous the very first time.  He didn’t actually vomit.  I ran with him to the bathrooms (past the food stalls on the left, up the ramp, zig-zag-ing through the jumping castles, left into the corridor, left into the bathroom, far-right cubicle), where he was heaving but nothing more.  And I scolded him.  Because he was miserable and moody and ungrateful and difficult the whole day until then and it was enough.  So I told him to either vomit or stop being silly.

10 days later he was in hospital with a drip in his arm.

1 day after that we heard he had cancer.

The day after that, on Christmas day, we rushed him to hospital – barely responsive with fever – where he stayed until New Year’s.

A week after that he started with chemo and vomited daily.

I am so glad today wasn’t 13 December 2008.

7 Responses

  1. Aw Suzanne. You had no way of knowing woutertjie was so sick. Try and focus on how great he is doing now. He is out of hospital, been given the all clear and was playing rugby with his friends

  2. I am thankful and celebrating health with you!

  3. Sjoe – that must have been quite a trip down memory lane. So thankful you are where you are today.

  4. I hate those trips down memory lane. When you get somewhere and in an instant it is like you are reliving that day!

  5. O, hoe wonderlik om sáám met julle Wouterkind te mag terugdink in dankbaarheid dat dit agtertoe lê.

    God is goed!

  6. Oh you sound so like me – there’s nothing like the occassional trip down memory lane – planned or unplanned!!! note to self *breathe* miss you sis!

  7. jaaiks. mens besef nie altyd wat gaan regtig aan nie, en dan verwyt jy jouself agterna. ek het ‘n lysie solank soos albei my arms van daai soort.

    wel, ek veronderstel daar is ‘n rede waarom ons nie alwetend is nie. ons is heelaas nie God nie.

    so, as jy so ‘n aanval vanaf jou geheue kry, onthou liewer dat Woutertjie nou OK is. en hoeveel geduld jy intussen met hom gehad het, en presies hoe goeie damn ma jy eintlik is.

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