Prayers needed for a special boy

Over the last few months we’ve become friends with Frances Strydom and her son Jonathan.  He is 3 and was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma towards the end of 2010.  They live near Durban but had to come to Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town for treatment as there was nothing available for him there.  So now they are here, her husband is there, they live with her parents, they know no one.  It isn’t the cushy situation we had, for example.

I met Frances through an online friend of mine.  In other words, Lorene (whom I’ve never actually met but have typed to a lot) typed to me about her friend whose child was diagnosed and who was coming to CT.  To this day I still haven’t met Lorene but Frances and Jonathan have become like family.  My mom has adopted Frances as her own (but then my mom doesn’t need any excuse to take in more “children” – if you stand still long enough she will treat you like a little lost chick and pull you under her wing).  She even chased all of us, including Frances, from the house the other day.  *shock*  I know.  That is real love.

Jonathan had 6 months of chemo and is going for extensive surgery today to remove whatever cancer they can.  Following the surgery he will stay sedated in high care or ICU for a couple of days.  If you know this child you will know that this is NOT him.  He is a little bundle of energy.  Seeing him all doped up will be tough.  Please say a prayer for Frances today.  She is taking a lot of strain.  Please pray for skill and wisdom for the doctors and nurses involved and please pray for Jonathan’s complete healing.

These were taken in February when Frances and Jonathan went with us to visit my sister and her family on the apple farm.  Jonathan has a thing about tractors so Berno had him “drive”.  Jonathan was too busy to smile.  Frances is the pretty one in black.  😉


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  1. Prayers said!

  2. Julle is twee amazing mense

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