Back to normal

I am forcing myself to write tonight.  Woutertjie is mostly healthy again so now I have nothing to say.  Well, nothing I think you might want to hear.

I feel like a bit of a failure though.  After sticking to the twice-a-day antibiotic schedule so strictly (as I usually do), I slipped up tonight.  Boeta went to bed without his medicine and I am not going to wake him up for it.  I am such a rebel.  Mufasa.

4 Responses

  1. You rebel, you. Onthou maar net more weer sy medisyne, en mooi naweek vir julle almal.

    Ek wil nou sê “It is me, LeClaire”, maar eintlik is dit ekke, Elmarie, ingeval jy gewonder het wie is gousblom.

  2. Hi Suzanne – Glad to see you are back – You have been missed and it does not matter if Wouter is healthy or sick – well it does – but what I mean to say, you have such a wonderful way of writing – your blog is a pleasure no matter what you say….Lots of love

  3. I must say we felt the same after Bianca finished treatment. It was really hard to get back into blogging. Nothing felt worthy to become a blog topic and for me the only solution was to start a new blog. And so far it seems to go okay.

    You do write beautifully even when it is about ordinary things!

  4. Glad to hear he is better.

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