Double whammy

Turns out Wouterman has very bad bronchitis and severe tonsilitis.  And the only thing he even mentioned was a headache.  This kid is unreal.

So now he is on antibiotics, cortisone, cough/chest/something medicine and if he still has fever by Wednesday we have to report back to the doctor.  Until then it is no school, no cold mornings, no getting up early … I could start liking this! 🙂

The kids were at their best at the GP today.  Boeta gave De Bruintjie a quick run through of all the medical knowledge he thought she might need to diagnose him.  He told her about his cough (Ek het so ‘n hoes *ugh-uh-ugh*.  Dis nie important as mens moet gesond wees nie), his fever (Ek het so ‘n koors by my ore.  Mamma meet so met die oormasjien en ek maak my hare so weg) and the nebulisation.  Carien added the bits that she thought he missed.  By the time they finished with the case summary the GP was just barely this side of hysterical.

And yes, his hair is now so long that it has to be moved aside to be able to stick the ear thermometer into his ear.  I know that I should take him to have it cut but I just can’t get it over my heart.  His hair is silky soft and beautiful and he worked too hard for it in my opinion.  And anyway, it is now winter and it would be silly to cut off his fur now, right?  Which ever way, that is my story and I’m sticking to it.


4 Responses

  1. I really hope all the meds works wonderfully fast.

  2. Poor boy – hope he is better soon!

  3. Shame hope he is feeling right as rain very soon – though that may put an end to your late mornings in bed.
    Lol at his helping the doctor clearly understand his symptoms, so cute.
    We need a picture of the fur.

  4. ROTFL! Daai seunskind is nie net taai nie, hy is nog histeries ook. Duidelik jou kind!

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