Time for the tooth mouse

In the English speaking world you will refer to the tooth-for-money trader as the Tooth Fairy.  But around here and among  Afrikaans people it is a mouse.  But a nice mouse.  A clean one with no bubonic plague and fleas and definitely no running through your legs.  *shivers*

Wouter went to the Mighty Men camp this weekend.  The kids and I, my mom and my sister went to watch Tangled this afternoon on the “wall TV” (muur TV) complete with popcorn and Coke / Cream Soda.  The kids loved it and I have to admit that we probably loved it even more.  Afterwards Carien asked for some “pink sponge” (pink spons) aka candy floss.  While we were waiting to buy, Boeta mentioned having a sore tooth.  Very strange for him – he has never mentioned tooth problems before.  So I immediately asked him to show me were the tooth was hurting.

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather when he showed me a wobbly bottom tooth.  The one just left of middle.  He is turning 6 in 2 weeks’ time (5 April) so I suppose he is due but it completely slipped my mind. 

Stay tuned!  I will let you know when the mouse has made his appearance.


2 Responses

  1. ooh, nou sal daai tandemuis moet uithaal en wys! Wat is die going rate vir ‘n 1ste tand deesdae?

  2. Exactly the right time! Ons prinsessie dring aan daarop dat die tandemuis vir seuntjies kom en die tandefeetjie vir dogtertjies!

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