The start of the next chapter

Back in the days of treatment (oh, how far away that sounds) Annelize used to say that she didn’t do any rehab work on Boeta.  That would come later.  At that stage her job as occupational & play therapist focused on his survival.  The first time she said it I thought it was a bit melodramatic.  Until I thought about it and realised that she was absolutely, spot-on correct.

Well, he survived.   

And he survived well.

But now it is time for the rehab to start.  I can’t get the words lined up to tell you about it.  I need to wrap myself around it and it around me.  It is a bit hard on a mother’s heart (even when the mother was told that this day would come) when you are told that your child is struggling to cope in pre-school.  And it is strange because in some ways he is waaaayyy ahead of his age group while in some other ways he is lagging so far behind. 

This coming week Boeta’s teacher and Annelize will meet up and decide what to do.  What he needs and what needs to be done.  It is times like these ….  I have to find a job.  But now (again) I have no idea what my days are going to look like.  Will I be able to juggle work hours and Boeta’s wellbeing?  Because ultimately our child(ren) and family come(s) first.


3 Responses

  1. oef, moeilike besluite. Suzanne, kyk uit vir ‘n werk. As dit bedoel is om te gebeur, sal dit.

  2. He will be fine, and so will you be – but facing the new challenge is hard. We found out last week that we also have an issue with L and that I will soon be BFF with the Occupational therapist.

  3. Thinking of you Suzanne – sounds like Wouter is still surrounded with loving people who have his best interests at heart and I am sure together you can help him cope – “slow and steady wins the race”

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