What’s in a name?

The background:

Boeta is notoriously busy-body-ish.  I wonder where he gets it from. *looks around searchingly*  Riana (at Hasie Kalbassie where they went last year) told me many times about him scolding the other children for not paying attention or doing something that he thought should be done.

The scene:

We are driving home after school.  I ask loads of questions (what did you learn / what did you sing / who did you play with) and Boeta and Carien answer simultaneously or not at all.  They are never able to tell me the names of the children in their classes – either they are enjoying school too much to bother asking for names or the other children are all stuck-up.  Seeing that my kids’ lunch boxes get home still mostly full I am guessing that it is the former. 

Suddenly Boeta perks up and tells me about “so ‘n seuntjie” in his class, named Logan.  Apparently Logan fidgeted, talked while he should’ve listened and in general just did things that my high and mighty son didn’t agree with.  (Mamma, hy het so gevroetel en so gepraat en so … )  Knowing Woutertjie, it is highly possible that Logan merely sat next to him and did nothing worth telling.  But Boeta was wide-eyed with fascination – he remembered someone’s name!  He had to tell the story.  And juice it up as much as possible.  He is my son – I expect nothing less.

Eventually Boeta finishes retelling the story 15 times – to make sure I really really heard, even though I commented and made the necessary noises throughout. 

There is blessed silence for 5 whole seconds before Carien asks:

Boeta, wat het Yoghurt gedoen?  (Boeta, what did Yoghurt do?)


5 Responses

  1. Nika se “boyfriend” Sebastian het mos twee weke gelede verongeluk. Christiaan stel toe die aand voor sy hou nou maar van NEW YORK. New York? Wie is dit. Man van watter dorp kom sebastian? George se ek. Nou ma ek bedoel George, nie New York nie. What’s in a name!!

  2. bwahaha too cute!

  3. Priceless! Jy het 2 stunning kids 🙂

  4. rotflmao!!

  5. Hmpfh! Koffie oor die kimputer…

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