That time of year

Hallo and happy 2011.  Yes, I’ve been shockingly scarce.  It is strange – I seem to have lost my ability to put ideas to words.  So I go through the day thinking “that will make an excellent blog post” but I just don’t /can’t write it.  I don’t know why.  I wish I did.  I miss you!

I’ve seriously considered ending the blog.  After all, Woutertjie is in remission and is doing well.  Who would want to read about the daily grind in our house?  But I binned the idea.  It just doesn’t feel right.

So here I am, posting my first 2011 post. 

Tomorrow is a big day in our house.  Woutertjie is starting Grade R (the year before “real” school) and Carien will join him at his new school.  They had so much fun and learned so much at their previous play school and it broke my heart to move them.  But Woutertjie “graduated” from play school and I know that trying to drop and collect them at different schools will drive me insane.  This way at least they stay together.  I really hope they adjust well – I hate change passionately.  Probably because I had to deal with so much change growing up.  My dad worked for ABSA and we moved around a lot.  I went to 6 schools in the 12 school years.  I’m not sure how Boeta and Carien will deal with it.  I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow.

I am quite emotional about Woutertjie going to almost-big-school.  There were a number of times during the last years …

I am going to restart that sentence because I can’t seem to find the words to finish it.  Let’s just say that there was some doubt about whether we would ever need to enroll Boeta in school.  But here we are.  Two healthy children ready to face the great unknown.

Thank you, God Almighty.


8 Responses

  1. We LIKE your blog! Anyway, you can always use it to write a book…….

    Seriously though, I am delighted that all is so well in the Grove family. Your blog also serves to highlight how long is the road getting back to normality after such a profound challenge. It is not just “Oh well, that’s over now”. Nothing is ever taken for granted again, and you still have to slowly learn to relax again.

    Lots of love,

  2. Suzanne, elke update van jou is die hoogtepunt van my oggende. Eh, dis bietjie pateties, maar daar het jy dit. Hou aan skryf asb.

    En ek sê dankie aan die Goeie Vader saam met jou dat julle dit almal deur die laaste 2 jaar gemaak het. Mag daar nog baie goeie jare vir julle almal wees.

  3. Hi Suzaan,
    Jy is ‘n groot inspirasie vir ons almal, dit is altyd so ‘n groot seen om jou blog te lees en dit help my….glo dit of nie…die lewe sal terugkeer na normaal toe…of ‘n nuwe normaal dan. Jy is so ‘n groot seen vir my en ek dank God dat Hy mense soos jy op aarde gesit het. Ek weet ook dat Hy jou ryklik sal seen vir dit wat jy vir ons ander siele hier beteken. Daar is niks soos dit wat jy doen wat wys dat daar ‘n God is nie!!!
    Baie lief vir jou

  4. You can’t stop your blog!!! I thoroughly enjoy reading it!

    Whooo Hooo on school!!

  5. All the best for the new school. My Princess also started her grade R at her new school last week and love it.

  6. Ek weet nie van Wouter nie, maar Ankia was ene glimlaggies na die dag! Is absoluut mal oor haar nuwe juffrou!
    Wou vandag met jou chat, maar dit was redelik chaos. Anders gesels ons by die mamma”ontbyt”.

    Sterkte vir al die nuwe uitdagings!

  7. Bly jy’s steeds aanlyn en dat dit goed gaan met almal. Hoop die nuwe fase is vir julle saam met Boeta ‘n heerlike avontuur!

  8. Don’t stop blogging. I am also bad at it these days, just post when you want/need to… you made me all tearful at the end of that post. *sniff*

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