It is 16:30. Exactly 2 years since we Heard The News. 
Last year I did a detailed day-by-day, bit-by-bit update of events leading up to today and the start of this new chapter of our lives. 
This year I’m simply grateful for how far we’ve come. 
May you receive as many blessings as we have. Wishing you peace and love this Christmas time. 
***I am dedicating this time to the memories of the childen we lost and their families***


3 Responses

  1. Hi there Suzanne…Glad that everything turned out ok before Christmas….Hope you had a peaceful Christmas and a wonderful 2011 – As time goes by, I am sure the memories of 2008 will get less and easier to deal with…Lots of love

  2. *x-blow*

  3. Hey, lanklaas vir jou n boodskappie getuur…hoop jy het ‘n lekker dag en dat jy uitrus terwyl kinners by skool is. Mis jou

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