We are so blessed

As Wouter commented, everything is fine. 

“Fine”, of course, is very subjective.  It seems Boeta is fast on his way to getting pneumonia again so he started on antibiotics.  Dr Kuhn didn’t have fabulous memories when we arrived.  See, it isn’t only the parents who are upset when their child is diagnosed with a life threatening illness.  The doctors aren’t that happy either.  <——  huge understatement

The only important bit to take from this day is that God is great and good and faithful.  We are so blessed.


3 Responses

  1. Saam met julle verlig!

  2. Glad all is well and he ‘ONLY’ has pending pneumonia… 😉 Have a fab holday ok!!?

  3. Oh, phew! Only pneumonia! Ha! Merry Christmas, anyway!

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