Guess what

Guess where Boeta and I are going at 13:30.

No really.  Guess.

You are wrong.  Guess again.

You are still wrong.

We are going to see Dr Kuhn, the GP who saw Boeta first on 23 December 2008, tomorrow 2 years ago.  Because Boeta has a fever of 39C.

What are the freaking odds? 

23 December 2008 I took Boeta to Dr Kuhn (not our usual GP – she was on vacation) because he was nauseous and listless and we were on our way to Wouter’s parents for the Christmas weekend and I wanted him checked out before we left.  In the end we never left.

22 December 2010 I am taking Boeta to Dr Kuhn (our GP is on vacation) because he is feverish and listless; we are leaving tomorrow to go to Wouter’s parents for the Christmas weekend and I want him checked out before we leave.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been telling everyone that we were going to drive through to Pringle Bay today since I don’t want to spend tomorrow reliving 2008.  But as things happened, we are only driving there tomorrow.  Which didn’t bother me until this morning when my mom told my that he feels hot. 

He says that his chest is sore (he has been coughing for a while – I am hoping for bronchitis) and that his ears hurt.  The ears he only mentioned after I started going through the getting-you-cleaned-for-the-doctor routine.  That includes wiping his ears.  So I am really hoping for ear infection.  I can do ear infections.

But if Dr Kuhn refers us to a paediatrician I am going to flip.  I’m telling you now.  That would be too much. 

2 years ago we went to see Dr Ettienne Bruwer because Gerrit (de Villiers) was on vacation.  Gerrit is on vacation right now…..



5 Responses

  1. Agge nee, Suzanne! Dis nou Murphy vir jou! Ek is seker als gaan honkey dorey wees!

  2. Wow Suzanne. Ek bid verseker vir julle. Asof die herinnering van die tyd van die jaar nie erg genoeg is nie!



  4. Baie sterkte Suzanne – hoop dis sommer die gewone ou somer-gogga’s!

  5. Vinnige update- niks ernstigs net bietjie long ongesteldheid wat antibiotika nodig het…Dankie Here

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