If I waited 5 more days

Today it is 5 days short of a month since my last post.  That is shocking on so many levels.

People who don’t know us really well have said things like “well, you are having a normal life now – there is less to write about”.  But this is me, remember?  I can write about an ant dragging a brick.  Yes, an ant wouldn’t be able to drag a brick so there would be nothing to write about.  E x a c t l y  my point….

To me my long absence shows how off myself I’ve been.  Yes, real life has been rushing by.  December is upon us which means that everyone is finishing everything they didn’t finish off sooner this year (me included) and it is hectic.  But that isn’t the reason why I haven’t updated.  After all, I usually write updates after the children (and Wouter) have gone to bed.  Most of my submissions are around 23:45.  And at that time of night there is very little going on in terms of social life.  We are parents now.

In the last almost-a-month my prescription changed again – I can’t seem to settle on anti-depressants.  But that is the good thing about seeing a psychiatrist instead of a psychologist.  When I act up (or down 😉 ) on my meds the dosages change and after a while I will feel better again.  Not all bad.

Wouter is noticing that I am withdrawing too much.  Or I think he does.  Or else you guys just bugged him too much.  He begged me to write an update today, even if I only say that we are still around and doing well.  This was the first time in weeks that I even opened the blog.

I am going to put Wouter on strict instructions to push me to update.  There is so much news.

Lots of love,


2 Responses

  1. So bly om uiteindelik n klein update te kry. Ek het dit so gemis en elke dag kom kyk of jy al n update gedoen het.

  2. Goed om te weet jy leef nog! Suzanne, wat is jou sel nommer? Ek het dit verloor toe my foon gesteel is.

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