OK then. I’ll do better than that.

I am going through a very withdrawn phase.  Seriously, I don’t even talk to myself if I can help it.  And I (used to) love talking to myself. 

Since the last update so many things happened.  Carien got her grommets and it really went exceptionally well.  Boeta is now going to playschool 3 times a week in anticipation of starting pre-school next year (he has to build some stamina) and let’s just say that he isn’t the most diligent student at playschool…  Oh.  And Wouter is being retrenched at the end of this month. 

So once again it is exciting times in our house.

Before you start sending food parcels, Wouter found another job already.  We are extremely blessed.  With me being a housewife (ie not earning a blue, black or any other coloured cent) it would’ve been a calamity of some magnitude if Wouter didn’t have a job either.  Then we would’ve needed those parcels.

Anyway.  We are doing OK.  I am not doing the best I have ever done but we are survivors.  We’ll get through this too.


5 Responses

  1. Glad Wouter got a new job. Hope you are okay!!

  2. sending thoughts of strength Suzanne, Be kind to yourself

  3. Jaaiks, ek is bly Wouter het weer joppie gekry!

    Suzanne, ek is ook geneig om in myself terug te trek as ek dinge moet verwerk. Sterkte Vriendin. Onthou maar hoe mens ‘n olifant opeet: happie vir happie

  4. Yay that he’s got a new job already 🙂
    ((hugs)) be kind to yourself

  5. Sjoe! (Hoeveel keer moet ek dit by hierdie kraaltjie kwytraak?!)

    Wat ‘n genade van die nuwe werk, en dat die kinders goed aangaan.

    BAIE en nog, sterkte.

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